It so happend, by a whimsical coincidence, that in 1671 the cabinet consisted of five persons, the initial letters of whose names made up the word cabal; Clifford, Arlington, Buckingham, Ashley, and Lauderdale. Macaulay.

4. The secret artifices or machinations of a few persons united in a close design; intrigue.

By cursed cabals of women.

Syn. — Junto; intrigue; plot; combination; conspiracy. — Cabal, Combination, Faction. An association for some purpose considered to be bad is the idea common to these terms. A combination is an organized union of individuals for mutual support, in urging their demands or resisting the claims of others, and may be good or bad according to circumstances; as, a combiniation of workmen or of employers to effect or to prevent a change in prices. A cabal is a secret association of a few individuals who seek by cunning practices to obtain office and power. A faction is a larger body than a cabal, employed for selfish purposes in agitating the community and working up an excitement with a view to change the existing order of things. "Selfishness, insubordination, and laxity of morals give rise to combinations, which belong particularly to the lower orders of society. Restless, jealous, ambitious, and little minds are ever forming cabals. Factions belong especially to free governments, and are raised by busy and turbulent spirits for selfish purposes". Crabb.

(Ca*bal"), v. i. [imp. & p. p. Caballed (-bald"); p. pr. & vb. n. Caballing]. [Cf. F. cabaler.] To unite in a small party to promote private views and interests by intrigue; to intrigue; to plot.

Caballing still against it with the great.

(Cab"a*la) n. [LL. See Cabal, n.]

1. A kind of occult theosophy or traditional interpretation of the Scriptures among Jewish rabbis and certain mediæval Christians, which treats of the nature of god and the mystery of human existence. It assumes that every letter, word, number, and accent of Scripture contains a hidden sense; and it teaches the methods of interpretation for ascertaining these occult meanings. The cabalists pretend even to foretell events by this means.

2. Secret science in general; mystic art; mystery.

(Cab"a*lism) n. [Cf. F. cabalisme.]

1. The secret science of the cabalists.

2. A superstitious devotion to the mysteries of the religion which one professes. [R] Emerson.

(Cab"a*list) n. [Cf. F. cabaliste.] One versed in the cabala, or the mysteries of Jewish traditions. "Studious cabalists." Swift.

(Cab`a*lis"tic) Cabalistical
(Cab`a*lis"tic*al) (-ti*kal) a. Of or pertaining to the cabala; containing or conveying an occult meaning; mystic.

The Heptarchus is a cabalistic exposition of the first chapter of Genesis
. Hallam.

(Cab`a*lis"tic*al*ly), adv. In a cabalistic manner.

(Cab"a*lize) v. i. [Cf. F. cabaliser.] To use cabalistic language. [R] Dr. H. More.

(Ca*bal"ler) n. One who cabals.

A close caballer and tongue-valiant lord.

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