Sea buckthorn, a plant of the genus Hippophaë.

(Buck"tooth`) n. Any tooth that juts out.

When he laughed, two white buckteeth protruded.

(Buck"wheat`) n. [Buck a beech tree + wheat; akin to D. boekweit, G. buchweizen.]

1. (Bot.) A plant (Fagopyrum esculentum) of the Polygonum family, the seed of which is used for food.

2. The triangular seed used, when ground, for griddle cakes, etc.

(Bu*col"ic) a. [L. bucolicus, Gr. fr. cowherd, herdsman; ox + (perh.) race horse; cf. Skr. kal to drive: cf. F. bucolique. See Cow the animal.] Of or pertaining to the life and occupation of a shepherd; pastoral; rustic.

(Bu*col"ic), n. [L. Bucolicôn poëma.] A pastoral poem, representing rural affairs, and the life, manners, and occupation of shepherds; as, the Bucolics of Theocritus and Virgil. Dryden.

(Bu*col"ic*al) a. Bucolic.

(||Bu*cra"ni*um) n.; pl. L. Bucrania [L., fr. Gr. ox head.] A sculptured ornament, representing an ox skull adorned with wreaths, etc.

(Bud) n. [OE. budde; cf. D. bot, G. butze, butz, the core of a fruit, bud, LG. butte in hagebutte, hainbutte, a hip of the dog-rose, or OF. boton, F. bouton, bud, button, OF. boter to bud, push; all akin to E. beat. See Button.]

1. (Bot.) A small protuberance on the stem or branches of a plant, containing the rudiments of future leaves, flowers, or stems; an undeveloped branch or flower.

2. (Biol.) A small protuberance on certain low forms of animals and vegetables which develops into a new organism, either free or attached. See Hydra.

Bud moth(Zoöl.), a lepidopterous insect of several species, which destroys the buds of fruit trees; esp. Tmetocera ocellana and Eccopsis malana on the apple tree.

(Bud), v. i. [imp. & p. p. Budded; p. pr. & vb. n. Budding.]

1. To put forth or produce buds, as a plant; to grow, as a bud does, into a flower or shoot.

2. To begin to grow, or to issue from a stock in the manner of a bud, as a horn.

3. To be like a bud in respect to youth and freshness, or growth and promise; as, a budding virgin. Shak.

Syn. — To sprout; germinate; blossom.

4. pl. Breeches made of buckskin.

I have alluded to his buckskin.

(Buck"stall`) n. A toil or net to take deer.

(Buck"thorn`) n. (Bot.) A genus (Rhamnus) of shrubs or trees. The shorter branches of some species terminate in long spines or thorns. See Rhamnus.

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