Fire bucket, a bucket for carrying water to put out fires.To kick the bucket, to die. [Low]

Bucket shop
(Buck"et shop`) An office or a place where facilities are given for betting small sums on current prices of stocks, petroleum, etc. [Slang, U.S.]

(Buck"et*y) n. [A corruption of buckwheat.] Paste used by weavers to dress their webs. Buchanan.

(Buck"eye`) n.

1. (Bot.) A name given to several American trees and shrubs of the same genus (Æsculus) as the horse chestnut.

The Ohio buckeye, or Fetid buckeye, is Æsculus glabra.Red buckeye is Æ. Pavia.Small buckeye is Æ. paviflora.Sweet buckeye, or Yellow buckeye, is Æ. flava.

2. A cant name for a native in Ohio. [U.S.]

Buckeye State, Ohio; — so called because buckeye trees abound there.

(Buck"-eyed`) a. Having bad or speckled eyes. "A buck-eyed horse." James White.

(Buck"hound`) n. A hound for hunting deer.

Master of the buckhounds, an officer in the royal household. [Eng.]

(Buck"ie) n. (Zoöl.) A large spiral marine shell, esp. the common whelk. See Buccinum. [Scot.]

Deil's buckie, a perverse, refractory youngster. [Slang]

(Buck"ing), n.

1. The act or process of soaking or boiling cloth in an alkaline liquid in the operation of bleaching; also, the liquid used. Tomlinson.

2. A washing.

3. The process of breaking up or pulverizing ores.

Bucking iron(Mining), a broad-faced hammer, used in bucking or breaking up ores.Bucking kier (Manuf.), a large circular boiler, or kier, used in bleaching.Bucking stool, a washing block.

(Buck"ish), a. Dandified; foppish.

(Buc"kle) n. [OE. bocle buckle, boss of a shield, OF. bocle, F. boucle, boss of a shield, ring, fr. L. buccula a little cheek or mouth, dim. of bucca cheek; this boss or knob resembling a cheek.]

1. A device, usually of metal, consisting of a frame with one more movable tongues or catches, used for fastening things together, as parts of dress or harness, by means of a strap passing through the frame and pierced by the tongue.

2. A distortion bulge, bend, or kink, as in a saw blade or a plate of sheet metal. Knight.

3. (Mach.) One of the receptacles on the rim of a water wheel into which the water rushes, causing the wheel to revolve; also, a float of a paddle wheel.

4. The valved piston of a lifting pump.

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