3. Of, pertaining to, or characteristic of, a brute beast. Hence: Brutal; cruel; fierce; ferocious; savage; pitiless; as, brute violence. Macaulay.

The influence of capital and mere brute labor.

4. Having the physical powers predominating over the mental; coarse; unpolished; unintelligent.

A great brute farmer from Liddesdale.
Sir W. Scott.

5. Rough; uncivilized; unfeeling. [R.]

(Brute), n.

1. An animal destitute of human reason; any animal not human; esp. a quadruped; a beast.

Brutes may be considered as either aëral, terrestrial, aquatic, or amphibious.

2. A brutal person; a savage in heart or manners; as unfeeling or coarse person.

An ill-natured brute of a husband.

Syn. — See Beast.

(Brute), v. t. [For bruit.] To report; to bruit. [Obs.]

(Brute"ly), adv. In a rude or violent manner.

(Brute"ness), n.

1. Brutality. [Obs.] Spenser.

2. Insensibility. "The bruteness of nature." Emerson.

(Bru"ti*fy) v. t. [imp. & p. p. Brutified ; p. pr. & vb. n. Brutifying.] [Brute + -fy: cf. F. brutifier.] To make like a brute; to make senseless, stupid, or unfeeling; to brutalize.

Any man not quite brutified and void of sense.

(Bru"tish) a. Pertaining to, or resembling, a brute or brutes; of a cruel, gross, and stupid nature; coarse; unfeeling; unintelligent.

O, let all provocation
Take every brutish shape it can devise.
Leigh Hunt.

Man may . . . render himself brutish, but it is in vain that he would seek to take the rank and density of the brute.
I. Taylor.

Syn. — Insensible; stupid; unfeeling; savage; cruel; brutal; barbarous; inhuman; ferocious; gross; carnal; sensual; bestial.

Bru"tish*ly, adv.Bru"tish*ness, n.

(Bru"tism) n. The nature or characteristic qualities or actions of a brute; extreme stupidity, or beastly vulgarity.

(Brut"ting) n. Browsing. [Obs.] Evelyn.

(Bry*o*log"i*cal) a. Relating to bryology; as, bryological studies.

(Bry*ol"o*gist) n. One versed in bryology.

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