Brequet chain to Brickwork

Brequet chain
(Breq"uet chain`) A watch-guard.

(Brere) n. A brier. [Archaic] Chaucer.

(Brest) 3d for Bursteth. [Obs.]

(Brest, Breast) n. (Arch.) A torus. [Obs.]

(Bres"te) v. t. & i. [imp. Brast; p. p. Brusten, Borsten, Bursten.] To burst. [Obs.] Chaucer.

(Brest"sum`mer) n. See Breastsummer.

(Bret) n. (Zoöl.) See Birt.

(Bret"ful) a. [OE. also brerdful, fr. brerd top, brim, AS. brerd.] Brimful. [Obs.] Chaucer.

(Breth"ren) n.; pl. of Brother.

This form of the plural is used, for the most part, in solemn address, and in speaking of religious sects or fraternities, or their members.

(Bret"on) a. [F. breton.] Of or relating to Brittany, or Bretagne, in France.n. A native or inhabitant of Brittany, or Bretagne, in France; also, the ancient language of Brittany; Armorican.

(Brett) n. Same as Britzska.

(Bret"tice) n.; pl. Brettices [OE. bretasce, bretage, parapet, OF. bretesche wooden tower, F. bretèche, LL. breteschia, bertresca, prob. fr. OHG. bret, G. brett board; akin to E. board. See Board, n., and cf. Bartizan.] The wooden boarding used in supporting the roofs and walls of coal mines. See Brattice.

(Bret"wal*da) n. [AS. Bretwalda, brten walda, a powerful ruler.] (Eng. Hist.) The official title applied to that one of the Anglo-Saxon chieftains who was chosen by the other chiefs to lead them in their warfare against the British tribes. Brande & C.

(Bret"zel) n. [G.] See Pretzel.

(Breve) n. [It. & (in sense 2) LL. breve, fr. L. brevis short. See Brief.]

1. (Mus.) A note or character of time, equivalent to two semibreves or four minims. When dotted, it is equal to three semibreves. It was formerly of a square figure but is now made oval, with a line perpendicular to the staff on each of its sides; — formerly much used for choir service. Moore.

2. (Law) Any writ or precept under seal, issued out of any court.

3. (Print.) A curved mark [&breve] used commonly to indicate the short quantity of a vowel.

4. (Zoöl.) The great ant thrush of Sumatra which has a very short tail.

(Bre*vet") n. [F. brevet, LL. brevetum, fr. L. brevis short. See Brief.]

1. A warrant from the government, granting a privilege, title, or dignity. [French usage].

2. (Mil.) A commission giving an officer higher rank than that for which he receives pay; an honorary promotion of an officer.

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