Boxing glove, a large padded mitten or glove used in sparring for exercise or amusement.

(Box"-i`ron) n. A hollow smoothing iron containing a heater within.

(Box"keep`er) n. An attendant at a theater who has charge of the boxes.

(Box"thorn`) n. (Bot.) A plant of the genus Lycium, esp. Lycium barbarum.

(Box"wood`) n. The wood of the box

(Boy) n. [Cf. D. boef, Fries. boi, boy; akin to G. bube, Icel. bofi rouge.] A male child, from birth to the age of puberty; a lad; hence, a son.

My only boy fell by the side of great Dundee.
Sir W. Scott.

Boy is often used as a term of comradeship, as in college, or in the army or navy. In the plural used colloquially of members of an associaton, fraternity, or party.

Boy bishop, a boy (usually a chorister) elected bishop, in old Christian sports, and invested with robes and other insignia. He practiced a kind of mimicry of the ceremonies in which the bishop usually officiated.The Old Boy, the Devil. [Slang] — Yellow boys, guineas. [Slang, Eng.] — Boy's love, a popular English name of Southernwood (Artemisia abrotonum); — called also lad's love.Boy's play, childish amusements; anything trifling.

(Boy), v. t. To act as a boy; — in allusion to the former practice of boys acting women's parts on the stage.

I shall see
Some squeaking Cleopatra boy my greatness.

(Bo*yar" Bo*yard") n. [Russ. boiárin'.] A member of a Russian aristocratic order abolished by Peter the Great. Also, one of a privileged class in Roumania.

English writers sometimes call Russian landed proprietors boyars.

(||Boy"au) n.; pl. Boyaux or Boyaus [F. boyau gut, a long and narrow place, and (of trenches) a branch. See Bowel.] (Fort.) A winding or zigzag trench forming a path or communication from one siegework to another, to a magazine, etc.

(Boy"cott`) v. t. [imp. & p. p. Boycotted; p. pr. & vb. n. Boycotting.] [From Captain Boycott, a land agent in Mayo, Ireland, so treated in 1880.] To combine against (a landlord, tradesman, employer, or other person), to withhold social or business relations from him, and to deter others from holding such relations; to subject to a boycott.

(Boy"cott), n. The process, fact, or pressure of boycotting; a combining to withhold or prevent dealing or social intercourse with a tradesman, employer, etc.; social and business interdiction for the purpose of coercion.

(Boy"cott`er) n. A participant in boycotting.

(Boy"cott*ism) n. Methods of boycotters.

3. Any boxlike inclosure or recess; a casing.

4. (Arch.) The external case of thin material used to bring any member to a required form.

(Box"ing), n. The act of fighting with the fist; a combat with the fist; sparring. Blackstone.

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