(Bor"der*er) n. One who dwells on a border, or at the extreme part or confines of a country, region, or tract of land; one who dwells near to a place or region.

Borderers of the Caspian.

(Bord"land`) n. [Bordar (or perh. bord a board) + land.] (O. Eng. Law) Either land held by a bordar, or the land which a lord kept for the maintenance of his board, or table. Spelman.

(Bord"lode`) n. [Bordar (or perh. bord a board) + lode leading.] (O. Eng. Law) The service formerly required of a tenant, to carry timber from the woods to the lord's house. Bailey. Mozley & W.

(Bord"man) n. [Bordar (or perh. bord a board) + man.] A bordar; a tenant in bordage.

(Bord"rag Bord"ra`ging) n. [Perh. from OE. bord, for border + raging. Cf. Bodrage.] An incursion upon the borders of a country; a raid. [Obs.] Spenser.

Bord service
(Bord" serv`ice) [Bordar (or perh. bord a board) + service.] (O. Eng. Law) Service due from a bordar; bordage.

(Bor"dure) n. [F. bordure. See Border, n.] (Her.) A border one fifth the width of the shield, surrounding the field. It is usually plain, but may be charged.

(Bore) v. t. [imp. & p. p. Bored ; p. pr. & vb. n. Boring.] [OE. borien, AS. borian; akin to Icel. bora, Dan. bore, D. boren, OHG. porn, G. bohren, L. forare, Gr. to plow, Zend bar. &radic91.]

1. To perforate or penetrate, as a solid body, by turning an auger, gimlet, drill, or other instrument; to make a round hole in or through; to pierce; as, to bore a plank.

I'll believe as soon this whole earth may be bored.

2. To form or enlarge by means of a boring instrument or apparatus; as, to bore a steam cylinder or a gun barrel; to bore a hole.

Short but very powerful jaws, by means whereof the insect can bore, as with a centerbit, a cylindrical passage through the most solid wood.
T. W. Harris.

3. To make (a passage) by laborious effort, as in boring; as, to bore one's way through a crowd; to force a narrow and difficult passage through. "What bustling crowds I bored." Gay.

4. To weary by tedious iteration or by dullness; to tire; to trouble; to vex; to annoy; to pester.

He bores me with some trick.

Used to come and bore me at rare intervals.

5. To befool; to trick. [Obs.]

I am abused, betrayed; I am laughed at, scorned,
Baffled and bored, it seems.
Beau. & Fl.

(Bore), v. i.

1. To make a hole or perforation with, or as with, a boring instrument; to cut a circular hole by the rotary motion of a tool; as, to bore for water or oil (i. e., to sink a well by boring for water or oil); to bore with a gimlet; to bore into a tree (as insects).

2. To be pierced or penetrated by an instrument that cuts as it turns; as, this timber does not bore well, or is hard to bore.

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