2. To punish by kicking with a booted foot. [U. S.]

(Boot), v. i. To boot one's self; to put on one's boots.

(Boot), n. Booty; spoil. [Obs. or R.] Shak.

(Boot"black`) n. One who blacks boots.

(Boot"ed) a.

1. Wearing boots, especially boots with long tops, as for riding; as, a booted squire.

2. (Zoöl.) Having an undivided, horny, bootlike covering; — said of the tarsus of some birds.

(Boot*ee") n. A half boot or short boot.

(||Bo*ö"tes) n. [L. Bootes, Gr. bow`ths herdsman, fr. boy^s, gen. boo`s, ox, cow.] (Astron.) A northern constellation, containing the bright star Arcturus.

(Booth) n. [OE. bothe; cf. Icel. buð, Dan. & Sw. bod, MHG. buode, G. bude, baude; from the same root as AS. buan to dwell, E. boor, bower, be; cf. Bohem. bauda, Pol. buda, Russ. budka, Lith. buda, W. bwth, pl. bythod, Gael. buth, Ir. both.]

1. A house or shed built of boards, boughs, or other slight materials, for temporary occupation. Camden.

2. A covered stall or temporary structure in a fair or market, or at a polling place.

(Boot"hale`) v. t. & i. [Boot, for booty + hale.] To forage for booty; to plunder. [Obs.] Beau. & Fl.

(Boot"hose`) n.

1. Stocking hose, or spatterdashes, in lieu of boots. Shak.

2. Hose made to be worn with boots, as by travelers on horseback. Sir W. Scott.

(Booth"y) n. See Bothy.

(Boot"i*kin) n. [Boot + - kin.]

1. A little boot, legging, or gaiter.

2. A covering for the foot or hand, worn as a cure for the gout. H. Walpole.

(Boot"ing), n. Advantage; gain; gain by plunder; booty. [Obs.] Sir. J. Harrington.

(Boot"ing), n.

1. A kind of torture. See Boot, n., 2.

2. A kicking, as with a booted foot. [U. S.]

(Boot"jack`) n. A device for pulling off boots.

(Boot"less) a. [From Boot profit.] Unavailing; unprofitable; useless; without advantage or success. Chaucer.

I'll follow him no more with bootless prayers.

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