Advice boat. See under Advice.Boat hook(Naut.), an iron hook with a point on the back, fixed to a long pole, to pull or push a boat, raft, log, etc. Totten.Boat rope, a rope for fastening a boat; — usually called a painter.In the same boat, in the same situation or predicament. [Colloq.] F. W. Newman.

(Boat) v. t. [imp. & p. p. Boated; p. pr. & vb. n. Boating.]

1. To transport in a boat; as, to boat goods.

2. To place in a boat; as, to boat oars.

To boat the oars. See under Oar.

(Boat), v. i. To go or row in a boat.

I boated over, ran my craft aground.

(Boat"a*ble) a.

1. Such as can be transported in a boat.

2. Navigable for boats, or small river craft.

The boatable waters of the Alleghany.
J. Morse.

(Boat"age) n. Conveyance by boat; also, a charge for such conveyance.

(Boat"bill`) n. (Zoöl.)

1. A wading bird (Cancroma cochlearia) of the tropical parts of South America. Its bill is somewhat like a boat with the keel uppermost.

2. A perching bird of India, of the genus Eurylaimus.

Boastingly to Bodice

(Boast"ing*ly), adv. Boastfully; with boasting. "He boastingly tells you." Burke.

(Boast"ive) a. Presumptuous. [R.]

(Boast"less), a. Without boasting or ostentation.

(Boat) n. [OE. boot, bat, AS. bat; akin to Icel. batr, Sw. båt, Dan. baad, D. & G. boot. Cf. Bateau.]

1. A small open vessel, or water craft, usually moved by cars or paddles, but often by a sail.

Different kinds of boats have different names; as, canoe, yawl, wherry, pinnace, punt, etc.

2. Hence, any vessel; usually with some epithet descriptive of its use or mode of propulsion; as, pilot boat, packet boat, passage boat, advice boat, etc. The term is sometimes applied to steam vessels, even of the largest class; as, the Cunard boats.

3. A vehicle, utensil, or dish, somewhat resembling a boat in shape; as, a stone boat; a gravy boat.

Boat is much used either adjectively or in combination; as, boat builder or boatbuilder; boat building or boatbuilding; boat hook or boathook; boathouse; boat keeper or boatkeeper; boat load; boat race; boat racing; boat rowing; boat song; boatlike; boat-shaped.

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