(Bed"mak`er) n. One who makes beds.

(Bed"-mold`ing Bed"-mould`ing) n. (Arch.) The molding of a cornice immediately below the corona. Oxf. Gloss.

(Be*dote") v. t. To cause to dote; to deceive. [Obs.] Chaucer.

(Bed"ou*in) n. [F. bédouin, OF. béduin, fr. Ar. bedawi rural, living in the desert, fr. badw desert, fr. bada to live in the desert, to lead a nomadic life.] One of the nomadic Arabs who live in tents, and are scattered over Arabia, Syria, and northern Africa, esp. in the deserts.Bed"ou*in*ism n.

(Bed"ou*in), a. Pertaining to the Bedouins; nomad.

(Bed"pan`) n.

1. A pan for warming beds. Nares.

2. A shallow chamber vessel, so constructed that it can be used by a sick person in bed.

(Bed"phere`) n. See Bedfere. [Obs.] B. Jonson.

(Bed"piece` Bed"plate`) n. (Mach.) The foundation framing or piece, by which the other parts are supported and held in place; the bed; — called also baseplate and soleplate.

(Bed"post`) n.

1. One of the four standards that support a bedstead or the canopy over a bedstead.

2. Anciently, a post or pin on each side of the bed to keep the clothes from falling off. See Bedstaff. Brewer.

(Bed"quilt`) n. A quilt for a bed; a coverlet.

(Be*drab"ble) v. t. To befoul with rain and mud; to drabble.

(Be*drag"gle) v. t. [imp. & p. p. Bedraggled ; p. pr. & vb. n. Bedraggling ] To draggle; to soil, as garments which, in walking, are suffered to drag in dust, mud, etc. Swift.

(Be*drench") v. t. [imp. & p. p. Bedrenched ; p. pr. & vb. n. Bedrenching.] To drench; to saturate with moisture; to soak. Shak.

(Be*drib"ble) v. t. To dribble upon.

(Bed"rid` Bed"rid`den) a. [OE. bedrede, AS. bedreda, bedrida; from bed, bedd, a bed or couch + ridda a rider; cf. OHG. pettiriso, G. bettrise. See Bed, n., and Ride, v. i. ] Confined to the bed by sickness or infirmity. "Her decrepit, sick, and bedrid father." Shak. "The estate of a bedridden old gentleman." Macaulay.

Bedright Bedrite
(Bed"right` Bed"rite`) n. [Bed + right, rite.] The duty or privilege of the marriage bed. Shak.

(Be*driz"zle) v. t. To drizzle upon.

Bed rock
(Bed" rock") (Mining) The solid rock underlying superficial formations. Also Fig.

(Bed"room) n.

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