(Balm"i*fy) v. t. [Balm + - fy.] To render balmy. [Obs.] Cheyne.

(Balm"i*ly), adv. In a balmy manner. Coleridge.

(Bal*mor"al) n. [From Balmoral Castle, in Aberdeenshire, Scotland.]

1. A long woolen petticoat, worn immediately under the dress.

2. A kind of stout walking shoe, laced in front.

A man who uses his balmorals to tread on your toes.
George Eliot.

(Balm"y) a.

1. Having the qualities of balm; odoriferous; aromatic; assuaging; soothing; refreshing; mild. "The balmy breeze." Tickell.

Tired nature's sweet restorer, balmy sleep!

2. Producing balm. "The balmy tree." Pope.

Syn. — Fragrant; sweet-scented; odorous; spicy.

(Bal"ne*al) a. [L. balneum bath.] Of or pertaining to a bath. Howell.

(Bal"ne*a*ry) n. [L. balnearium, fr. balneum bath.] A bathing room. Sir T. Browne.

(Bal`ne*a"tion) n. [LL. balneare to bathe, fr. L. balneum bath.] The act of bathing. [R.]

(Bal"ne*a*to*ry) a. [L. balneatorius.] Belonging to a bath. [Obs.]

(Bal`ne*og"ra*phy) n. [L. balneum bath + -graphy.] A description of baths.

(Bal`ne*ol"o*gy) n. [L. balneum bath + -logy.] A treatise on baths; the science of bathing.

(Bal`ne*o*ther"a*py) n. [L. balneum bath + Gr. qerapey`ein to heal.] The treatment of disease by baths.

(Bal"o*tade`) (bal"lo*täd` or - tad`), n. See Ballotade.

(||Bal"sa) n. [Sp. or Pg. balsa.] (Naut.) A raft or float, used principally on the Pacific coast of South America.

(Bal"sam) n. [L. balsamum the balsam tree or its resin, Gr. ba`lsamon. See Balm, n.]

1. A resin containing more or less of an essential or volatile oil.

The balsams are aromatic resinous substances, flowing spontaneously or by incision from certain plants. A great variety of substances pass under this name, but the term is now usually restricted to resins which, in addition to a volatile oil, contain benzoic and cinnamic acid. Among the true balsams are the balm of Gilead, and the balsams of copaiba, Peru, and Tolu. There are also many pharmaceutical preparations and resinous substances, possessed of a balsamic smell, to which the name balsam has been given.

2. (Bot.) (a) A species of tree (b) An annual garden plant (Impatiens balsamina) with beautiful flowers; balsamine.

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