A baker's dozen, thirteen.Baker foot, a distorted foot. [Obs.] Jer. Taylor.Baker's itch, a rash on the back of the hand, caused by the irritating properties of yeast.Baker's salt, the subcarbonate of ammonia, sometimes used instead of soda, in making bread.

(Bak"er-legged`) a. Having legs that bend inward at the knees.

(Bak"er*y) n.

1. The trade of a baker. [R.]

2. A place for baking bread; a bakehouse.

(Bak"ing), n.

1. The act or process of cooking in an oven, or of drying and hardening by heat or cold.

2. The quantity baked at once; a batch; as, a baking of bread.

Baking powder, a substitute for yeast, usually consisting of an acid, a carbonate, and a little farinaceous matter.

(Bak"ing*ly), adv. In a hot or baking manner.

(Bak"is*tre) n. [See Baxter.] A baker. [Obs.] Chaucer.

1. To prepare, as food, by cooking in a dry heat, either in an oven or under coals, or on heated stone or metal; as, to bake bread, meat, apples.

Baking is the term usually applied to that method of cooking which exhausts the moisture in food more than roasting or broiling; but the distinction of meaning between roasting and baking is not always observed.

2. To dry or harden (anything) by subjecting to heat, as, to bake bricks; the sun bakes the ground.

3. To harden by cold.

The earth . . . is baked with frost.

They bake their sides upon the cold, hard stone.

(Bake), v. i.

1. To do the work of baking something; as, she brews, washes, and bakes. Shak.

2. To be baked; to become dry and hard in heat; as, the bread bakes; the ground bakes in the hot sun.

(Bake), n. The process, or result, of baking.

(Bake"house`) n. [AS. bæchus. See Bake, v. t., and House.] A house for baking; a bakery.

(Bake"meat` Baked"-meat`) n. A pie; baked food. [Obs.] Gen. xl. 17. Shak.

(Bak"en) p. p. of Bake. [Obs. or Archaic]

(Bak"er) n. [AS. bæcere. See Bake, v. t.]

1. One whose business it is to bake bread, biscuit, etc.

2. A portable oven in which baking is done. [U.S.]

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