Baby farming
(Ba"by farm`ing). The business of keeping a baby farm.

(Ba"by*hood) n. The state or period of infancy.

(Ba"by*house`) n. A place for children's dolls and dolls' furniture. Swift.

(Ba"by*ish), a. Like a baby; childish; puerile; simple.Ba"by*ish*ly, adv.Ba"by*ish*ness, n.

(Ba"by*ism) n.

1. The state of being a baby.

2. A babyish manner of acting or speaking.

Baby jumper
(Ba"by jump`er) A hoop suspended by an elastic strap, in which a young child may be held secure while amusing itself by jumping on the floor.

(Bab`y*lo"ni*an) a. Of or pertaining to the real or to the mystical Babylon, or to the ancient kingdom of Babylonia; Chaldean.

(Bab`y*lo"ni*an), n.

1. An inhabitant of Babylonia (which included Chaldea); a Chaldean.

2. An astrologer; — so called because the Chaldeans were remarkable for the study of astrology.

(Bab`y*lon"ic Bab`y*lon"ic*al) a.

1. Pertaining to Babylon, or made there; as, Babylonic garments, carpets, or hangings.

2. Tumultuous; disorderly. [Obs.] Sir J. Harrington.

(Bab"y*lo`nish) a.

1. Of or pertaining to, or made in, Babylon or Babylonia. "A Babylonish garment." Josh. vii. 21.

2. Pertaining to the Babylon of Revelation xiv. 8.

3. Pertaining to Rome and papal power. [Obs.]

The . . . injurious nickname of Babylonish. Gage.

4. Confused; Babel-like.

(||Bab`y*rous"sa, ||Bab`y*rus"sa) n. (Zoöl.) See Babiroussa.

(Ba"by*ship) n. The quality of being a baby; the personality of an infant.

(Bac) n. [F. See Back a vat.]

1. A broad, flat-bottomed ferryboat, usually worked by a rope.

2. A vat or cistern. See 1st Back.

(Bac"ca*lau"re*ate) n. [NL. baccalaureatus, fr. LL. baccalaureus a bachelor of arts, fr. baccalarius, but as if fr. L. bacca lauri bayberry, from the practice of the bachelor's wearing a garland of bayberries. See Bachelor.]

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