Table of contents
B to Bachelorism  
Bachelor's button to Backlog  
Backpiece to Baff  
Baffle to Bain-marie  
Bairam to Balder  
Balderdash to Ballistic  
Ballistics to Band  
Bandage to Bank  
Bankable to Bar  
Barb to Bardling  
Bardship to Barmaster  
Barmcloth to Barricade  
Barricader to Baseboard  
Baseborn to Bass  
Bassa to Bateau  
Bated to Battery  
Batting to Bayonet  
Bayou to Beakhead  
Beakiron to Bearberry  
Bearbind to Beater  
Beath to Becomed  
Becoming to Bedswerver  
Bedtick to Before  
Beforehand to Begum  
Begun to Belaud  
Belay to Belle  
Belled to Belt  
Beltane to Benediction  
Benedictional to Bent  
Bent grass to Bermuda grass  
Bernacle to Besieger  
Besieging to Bestride  
Bestrode to Better  
Betterment to Beyond  
Bezant to Bice  
Bicentenary to Biforked  
Biform to Bilingualism  
Bilinguar to Bimetallist  
Bimonthly to Bipartite  
Bipartition to Birth  
Birthday to Bit  
Bitake to Bivouac  
Biweekly to Black hole  
Blacking to Blanch  
Blancher to Blast  
Blasted to Bleak  
Bleaky to Blessed  
Blessedly to Blister  
Blistery to Blood  
Bloodbird to Blot  
Blotch to Blue  
Blueback to Blur  
Blurry to Boasting  
Boastingly to Bodice  
Bodiced to Boil  
Boilary to Bolster  
Bolstered to Bonair  
Bonanza to Bonnet  
Bonneted to Boom  
Boomdas to Bordar  
Bordeaux to Borsholder  
Bort to Both  
Bother to Bouk  
Boul to Bourn  
Bournless to Bowl  
Bowlder to Boyhood  
Boyish to Brae  
Brag to Brambling  
Brambly to Brass  
Brassage to Brazilian  
Brazilin to Break  
Breakable to Breathful  
Breathing to Brent  
Brequet chain to Brickwork  
Bricky to Brigandine  
Brigandish to Bring  
Bringer to Broad gauge  
Broad-horned to Brome grass  
Bromeliaceous to Brother  
Brother german to Brush  
Brusher to Buccaneerish  
Buccinal to Bud  
Buddha to Bug  
Bugaboo to Bull  
Bulla to Bumbarge  
Bumbast to Buoy  
Buoyage to Burgonet  
Burgoo to Burnt  
Burr to Bushelman  
Bushet to Butcher  
Butchering to Buttonmold  
Buttons to By-lane  
By-law to Byzantine  

  By PanEris using Melati.

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