2. The act of the distrainer of goods, who, in an action of replevin, avows and justifies the taking in his own right. Blackstone.

When an action of replevin is brought, the distrainer either makes avowry, that is, avours taking the distress in his own right, or the right of his wife, and states the reason if it, as for arrears of rent, damage done, or the like; or makes cognizance, that is, acknowledges the taking, but justifies in an another's right, as his bailiff or servant.

(A*vow"try), v. t. Adultery. See Advoutry.

(A*voy"er) n. [F.] A chief magistrate of a free imperial city or canton of Switzerland. [Obs.]

(A*vulse") v. t. [L. avulsus, p. p. of avellere to tear off; a (ab) + vellere to pluck.] To pluck or pull off. Shenstone.

(A*vul"sion) n. [L. avulsio.]

1. A tearing asunder; a forcible separation.

The avulsion of two polished superficies.

2. A fragment torn off. J. Barlow.

3. (Law) The sudden removal of lands or soil from the estate of one man to that of another by an inundation or a current, or by a sudden change in the course of a river by which a part of the estate of one man is cut off and joined to the estate of another. The property in the part thus separated, or cut off, continues in the original owner. Wharton. Burrill.

(A*vun"cu*lar) a. [L. avunculus uncle.] Of or pertaining to an uncle.

In these rare instances, the law of pedigree, whether direct or avuncular, gives way.
I. Taylor.

(A*wait") v. t. [imp. & p. p. Awaited; p. pr. & vb. n. Awaiting.] [OF. awaitier, agaitier; (L. ad) + waitier, gaitier to watch, F. guetter. See Wait.]

1. To watch for; to look out for. [Obs.]

2. To wait on, serve, or attend. [Obs.]

3. To wait for; to stay for; to expect. See Expect.

Betwixt these rocky pillars Gabriel sat,
Chief of the angelic guards, awaiting night.

4. To be in store for; to be ready or in waiting for; as, a glorious reward awaits the good.

O Eve, some farther change awaits us night.

(A*wait"), v. i.

1. To watch. [Obs.] Chaucer.

2. To wait [Obs.]

3. To wait; to stay in waiting. Darwin.

(A*wait"), n. A waiting for; ambush; watch; watching; heed. [Obs.] Chaucer.

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