To bake astern, to go stern foremost.To be astern of the reckoning, to be behind the position given by the reckoning.To drop astern, to fall or be left behind.To go astern, to go backward, as from the action of currents or winds.

(A*ster"nal) a. [Pref. a- not + sternal.] (Anat.) Not sternal; — said of ribs which do not join the sternum.

(As"ter*oid) n. [Gr. starlike, starry; 'asth`r star + form: cf. F. astéroïde. See Aster.] A starlike body; esp. one of the numerous small planets whose orbits lie between those of Mars and Jupiter; — called also planetoids and minor planets.

(As`ter*oid"al) a. Of or pertaining to an asteroid, or to the asteroids.

(||As`te*rol"e*pis) n. [NL., fr. Gr. 'asth`r star + scale.] (Paleon.) A genus of fishes, some of which were eighteen or twenty feet long, found in a fossil state in the Old Red Sandstone. Hugh Miller.

(As`ter*oph"yl*lite) n. 'asth`r star + fy`llon leaf.]—> (Paleon.) A fossil plant from the coal formations of Europe and America, now regarded as the branchlets and foliage of calamites.

(A*stert) v. t. [Pref. a- + start; OE. asterten, asturten.] To start up; to befall; to escape; to shun. [Obs.] Spenser.

(A*stert"), v. i. To escape. [Obs.] Chaucer.

(||As`the*ni"a As"the*ny) n. [NL. asthenia, Gr. 'asqe`nia; 'a priv. + sqe`nos strength.] (Med.) Want or loss of strength; debility; diminution of the vital forces.

(As*then"ic) a. [Gr. 'asqeniko`s; 'a priv. + sqe`nos strength.] (Med.) Characterized by, or pertaining to, debility; weak; debilitating.

(||As`the*no"pi*a) n. [Gr. 'a priv. + sqe`nos strength + 'w`ps eye.] Weakness of sight. Quain.As`the*nop"ic a.

(Asth"ma) n. [Gr. short-drawn breath, fr. to blow, for : cf. Skr. va, Goth. waian, to blow, E. wind.] (Med.) A disease, characterized by difficulty of breathing (due to a spasmodic contraction of the bronchi), recurring at intervals, accompanied with a wheezing sound, a sense of constriction in the chest, a cough, and expectoration.

(Asth*mat"ic Asth*mat"ic*al) a. [L. asthmaticus, Gr. .] Of or pertaining to asthma; as, an asthmatic cough; liable to, or suffering from, asthma; as, an asthmatic patient.Asth*mat"ic*al*ly, adv.

(Asth*mat"ic), n. A person affected with asthma.

(As`tig*mat"ic) a. (Med. & Opt.) Affected with, or pertaining to, astigmatism; as, astigmatic eyes; also, remedying astigmatism; as, astigmatic lenses.

(A*stig"ma*tism) n. [Gr. 'a priv. + a prick of a pointed instrument, a spot, fr. to prick: cf. F. astigmatisme.] (Med. & Opt.) A defect of the eye or of a lens, in consequence of which the rays derived from one point are not brought to a single focal point, thus causing imperfect images or indistinctness of vision.

The term is applied especially to the defect causing images of lines having a certain direction to be indistinct, or imperfectly seen, while those of lines transverse to the former are distinct, or clearly seen.

2. Behind a ship; in the rear. "A gale of wind right astern." De Foe. "Left this strait astern." Drake.

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