Coat armor, the escutcheon of a person or family, with its several charges and other furniture, as mantling, crest, supporters, motto, etc.Submarine, a water- tight dress or covering for a diver. See under Submarine.

(Ar"mor-bear`er) n. One who carries the armor or arms of another; an armiger. Judg. ix. 54.

(Ar"mored) a. Clad with armor.

(Ar"mor*er) n. [OE. armurer, armerer, fr. F. armurter, fr. armure armor.]

1. One who makes or repairs armor or arms.

and renewed by the operation of the Holy Spirit, which is the gift of God. 4. That man may resist divine grace. 5. That man may relapse from a state of grace.

(Ar*min"i*an*ism) n. The religious doctrines or tenets of the Arminians.

(Ar*mip"o*tence) n. [L. armipotentia, fr. armipotents.] Power in arms. [R.] Johnson.

(Ar*mip"o*tent) a. [L. armipotents; arma arms + potens powerful, p. pr. of posse to be able.] Powerful in arms; mighty in battle.

The temple stood of Mars armipotent.

(Ar*mis"o*nant Ar*mis"o*nous) a. [L. armisonus; arma arms + sonare (p. pr. sonans) to sound.] Rustling in arms; resounding with arms. [Obs.]

(Ar"mis*tice) n. [F. armistice, fr. (an assumed word) L. armistitium; arma arms + stare, statum to stand still.] A cessation of arms for a short time, by convention; a temporary suspension of hostilities by agreement; a truce.

(Arm"less) a.

1. Without any arm or branch.

2. Destitute of arms or weapons.

(Arm"let) n. [Arm + -let.]

1. A small arm; as, an armlet of the sea. Johnson.

2. An arm ring; a bracelet for the upper arm.

3. Armor for the arm.

(Ar*mo"ni*ac) a. Ammoniac. [Obs.]

(Ar"mor) n. [OE. armure, fr. F. armure, OF. armeure, fr. L. armatura. See Armature.] [Spelt also armour.]

1. Defensive arms for the body; any clothing or covering worn to protect one's person in battle.

In English statues, armor is used for the whole apparatus of war, including offensive as well as defensive arms. The statues of armor directed what arms every man should provide.

2. Steel or iron covering, whether of ships or forts, protecting them from the fire of artillery.

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