reolar tissue(Anat.), a form of fibrous connective tissue in which the fibers are loosely arranged with numerous spaces, or areolæ, between them.

(A*reek") adv. & a. [Pref. a- + reek.] In a reeking condition. Swift.

(Ar`e*fac"tion) n. [L. arefacere to dry.] The act of drying, or the state of growing dry.

The arefaction of the earth.
Sir M. Hale.

(Ar"e*fy) v. t. [L. arere to be dry + -fly.] To dry, or make dry. Bacon.

(A*re"na) n.; pl. E. Arenas ; L. Arenæ [L. arena, harena, sand, a sandy place.]

1. (Rom. Antiq.) The area in the central part of an amphitheater, in which the gladiators fought and other shows were exhibited; — so called because it was covered with sand.

2. Any place of public contest or exertion; any sphere of action; as, the arenaof debate; the arena of life.

3. (Med.) "Sand" or "gravel" in the kidneys.

(Ar`e*na"ceous) a. [L. arenaceus, fr. arena sand.] Sandy or consisting largely of sand; of the nature of sand; easily disintegrating into sand; friable; as, arenaceous limestone.

(Ar`e*na"ri*ous) a. [L. arenarius, fr. arena sand.] Sandy; as, arenarious soil.

(Ar`e*na"tion) n. [L. arenatio, fr. arena sand.] (Med.) A sand bath; application of hot sand to the body. Dunglison.

(||Ar`en*da"tor) n. [LL. arendator, arrendator, fr. arendare, arrendare, to pay rent, fr. arenda yearly rent; ad + renda, F. rente, E. rent. Cf. Arrentation and Rent.] In some provinces of Russia, one who farms the rents or revenues.

A person who rents an estate belonging to the crown is called crown arendator. Tooke.

(||A*reng" ||A*ren"ga) n. [Malayan.] A palm tree (Saguerus saccharifer) which furnishes sago, wine, and fibers for ropes; the gomuti palm.

(Ar`e*nic"o*lite) n. [L. arena sand + colere to cherish or live.] (Paleon.) An ancient wormhole in sand, preserved in the rocks. Dana.

(A*ren`i*lit"ic) a. [L. arena sand + Gr. li`qos stone.] Of or pertaining to sandstone; as, arenilitic mountains. Kirwan.

(Ar"e*nose) a. [L. arenosus, fr. arena sand.] Sandy; full of sand. Johnson.

(A*ren"u*lous) a. [L. arenula fine sand, dim. of arena.] Full of fine sand; like sand. [Obs.]

(A*re"o*la) n.; pl. Areolæ [L. areola, dim. of area: cf. F. aréole. See Area.]

1. An interstice or small space, as between the cracks of the surface in certain crustaceous lichens; or as between the fibers composing organs or vessels that interlace; or as between the nervures of an insect's wing.

2. (Anat. & Med.) The colored ring around the nipple, or around a vesicle or pustule.

(A*re"o*lar) a. Pertaining to, or like, an areola; filled with interstices or areolæ.

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