Archimedean screw, or Archimedes' screw, an instrument, said to have been invented by Archimedes, for raising water, formed by winding a flexible tube round a cylinder in the form of a screw. When the screw is placed in an inclined position, and the lower end immersed in water, by causing the screw to revolve, the water is raised to the upper end. Francis.

(||Ar`chi*me"des) n. (Paleon.) An extinct genus of Bryzoa characteristic of the subcarboniferous rocks. Its form is that of a screw.

(Arch"ing) n.

Archidiaconal to Ardurous

(Ar`chi*di*ac"o*nal) a. [L. archidiaconus, Gr. equiv. to E. archdeacon.] Of or pertaining to an archdeacon.

This offense is liable to be censured in an archidiaconal visitation.

(Ar`chi*e*pis"co*pa*cy) n. [Pref. archi- + episcopacy.]

1. That form of episcopacy in which the chief power is in the hands of archbishops.

2. The state or dignity of an archbishop.

(Ar`chi*e*pis"co*pal) a. [Pref. archi- + episcopal.] Of or pertaining to an archbishop; as, Canterbury is an archiepiscopal see.

(Ar`chi*e*pis`co*pal"i*ty) n. The station or dignity of an archbishop; archiepiscopacy. Fuller.

(Ar`chi*e*pis"co*pate) n. [Pref. archi- + episcopate.] The office of an archbishop; an archbishopric.

(||Ar*chi"e*rey) n. [Russ. archieréi, fr. Gr. pref. (E. arch-) + priest.] The higher order of clergy in Russia, including metropolitans, archbishops, and bishops. Pinkerton.

(Ar"chil) n. [OF. orchel, orcheil, It. orcella, oricello, or OSp. orchillo. Cf. Orchil.]

1. A violet dye obtained from several species of lichen which grow on maritime rocks in the Canary and Cape Verd Islands, etc. Tomlinson.

2. The plant from which the dye is obtained. [Written also orchal and orchil.]

(Ar`chi*lo"chi*an) a. [L. Archilochius.] Of or pertaining to the satiric Greek poet Archilochus; as, Archilochian meter.

(Ar"chi*mage ||Ar`chi*ma"gus) n. [NL.; pref. archi- + L. magus, Gr. a Magian.]

1. The high priest of the Persian Magi, or worshipers of fire.

2. A great magician, wizard, or enchanter. Spenser.

(Ar`chi*man"drite) n. [L. archimandrita, LGr. pref. (E. arch-) + an inclosed space, esp. for cattle, a fold, a monastery.] (Gr. Church) (a) A chief of a monastery, corresponding to abbot in the Roman Catholic church. (b) A superintendent of several monasteries, corresponding to superior abbot, or father provincial, in the Roman Catholic church.

(Ar`chi*me*de"an) a. [L. Archimedeus.] Of or pertaining to Archimedes, a celebrated Greek philosopher; constructed on the principle of Archimedes' screw; as, Archimedean drill, propeller, etc.

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