Trailing arbutus(Bot.), a creeping or trailing plant of the Heath family having white or usually rose- colored flowers with a delicate fragrance, growing in small axillary clusters, and appearing early in the spring; in New England known as mayflower; — called also ground laurel. Gray.

(Arc) n. [F. arc, L. arcus bow, arc. See Arch, n.]

1. (Geom.) A portion of a curved line; as, the arc of a circle or of an ellipse.

2. A curvature in the shape of a circular arc or an arch; as, the colored arc (the rainbow); the arc of Hadley's quadrant.

3. An arch. [Obs.]

Statues and trophies, and triumphal arcs.

4. The apparent arc described, above or below the horizon, by the sun or other celestial body. The diurnal arc is described during the daytime, the nocturnal arc during the night.

Electric arc, Voltaic arc. See under Voltaic.

(Ar*cade") n. [F. arcade, Sp. arcada, LL. arcata, fr. L. arcus bow, arch.]

1. (Arch.) (a) A series of arches with the columns or piers which support them, the spandrels above, and other necessary appurtenances; sometimes open, serving as an entrance or to give light; sometimes closed at the back (as in the cut) and forming a decorative feature. (b) A long, arched building or gallery.

2. An arched or covered passageway or avenue.

(Ar*cad"ed) a. Furnished with an arcade.

(Ar*ca"di*a) n. [L. Arcadia, Gr. .]

1. A mountainous and picturesque district of Greece, in the heart of the Peloponnesus, whose people were distinguished for contentment and rural happiness.

2. Fig.: Any region or scene of simple pleasure and untroubled quiet.

Where the cow is, there is Arcadia.
J. Burroughs.

(Ar*ca"di*an Ar*ca"dic) a. [L. Arcadius, Arcadicus, fr. Arcadia: cf. F. Arcadien, Arcadique.] Of or pertaining to Arcadia; pastoral; ideally rural; as, Arcadian simplicity or scenery.

(Ar*cane") a. [L. arcanus.] Hidden; secret. [Obs.] "The arcane part of divine wisdom." Berkeley.

(||Ar*ca"num) n.; pl. Arcana [L., fr. arcanus closed, secret, fr. arca chest, box, fr. arcere to inclose. See Ark.]

Arbuscular to Archical

(Ar*bus"cu*lar) a. Of or pertaining to a dwarf tree; shrublike. Da Costa.

(Ar*bus"tive) a. [L. arbustivus, fr. arbustum place where trees are planted.] Containing copses of trees or shrubs; covered with shrubs. Bartram.

(Ar"bu*tus Ar"bute) n. [L. arbutus, akin to arbor tree.] The strawberry tree, a genus of evergreen shrubs, of the Heath family. It has a berry externally resembling the strawberry; the arbute tree.

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