(Ar`bo*res"cence) n. The state of being arborescent; the resemblance to a tree in minerals, or crystallizations, or groups of crystals in that form; as, the arborescence produced by precipitating silver.

(Ar`bo*res"cent) a. [L. arborescens, p. pr. of arborescere to become a tree, fr. arbor tree.] Resembling a tree; becoming woody in stalk; dendritic; having crystallizations disposed like the branches and twigs of a tree. "Arborescent hollyhocks." Evelyn.

(Ar"bo*ret) n. [OF. arboret, dim. of arbre tree, L. arbor] A small tree or shrub. [Obs.] Spenser.

Among thick-woven arborets, and flowers
Imbordered on each bank.

(||Ar`bo*re"tum) n.; pl. Arboreta [L., a place grown with trees.] A place in which a collection of rare trees and shrubs is cultivated for scientific or educational purposes.

(Ar*bor"ic*al) a. Relating to trees. [Obs.]

(Ar*bor"i*cole) a. [L. arbor + colere to inhabit.] (Zoöl.) Tree-inhabiting; — said of certain birds.

(Ar`bor*i*cul"tur*al) a. Pertaining to arboriculture. Loudon.

(Ar`bor*i*cul"ture) n. [L. arbor tree + cultura. See Culture.] The cultivation of trees and shrubs, chiefly for timber or for ornamental purposes.

(Ar`bor*i*cul"tur*ist), n. One who cultivates trees.

(Ar*bor"i*form) a. Treelike in shape.

(Ar"bor*ist) n. [F. arboriste, fr. L. arbor tree.] One who makes trees his study, or who is versed in the knowledge of trees. Howell.

(Ar`bor*i*za"tion) n. [Cf. F. arborisation, fr. L. arbor tree.] The appearance or figure of a tree or plant, as in minerals or fossils; a dendrite.

(Ar"bor*ized) a. Having a treelike appearance. "An arborized or moss agate." Wright.

(Ar"bor*ous) a. Formed by trees. [Obs.]

From under shady, arborous roof.

Arbor vine
(Ar"bor vine`) A species of bindweed.

Arbor vitæ
(||Ar"bor vi"tæ) [L., tree of life.]

1. (Bot.) An evergreen tree of the cypress tribe, genus Thuja. The American species is the T. occidentalis.

2. (Anat.) The treelike disposition of the gray and white nerve tissues in the cerebellum, as seen in a vertical section.

(Ar"bus*cle) n. [L. arbuscula small tree, shrub, dim. of arbor tree.] A dwarf tree, one in size between a shrub and a tree; a treelike shrub. Bradley.

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