2. An anthem or psalm sung alternately by a choir or congregation divided into two parts. Also figuratively.

O! never more for me shall winds intone,
With all your tops, a vast antiphony.
R. Browning.

(||An*tiph"ra*sis) n. [L., fr. Gr. fr. to express by antithesis or negation.] (Rhet.) The use of words in a sense opposite to their proper meaning; as when a court of justice is called a court of vengeance.

(An`ti*phras"tic An`ti*phras"tic*al) a. Pertaining to antiphrasis.An`ti*phras"tic*al*ly, adv.

(An`ti*phthis"ic) a. (Med.) Relieving or curing phthisis, or consumption.n. A medicine for phthisis.

(An`ti*phys"ic*al) a. [Pref. anti- + physical.] Contrary to nature; unnatural.

(An`ti*phys"ic*al), a. [Pref. anti- + Gr. to inflate.] (Med.) Relieving flatulence; carminative.

(An`ti*plas"tic) a.

1. Diminishing plasticity.

2. (Med.) Preventing or checking the process of healing, or granulation.

(An`ti*po*dag"ric) a. (Med.) Good against gout.n. A medicine for gout.

(An*tip"o*dal) a.

1. Pertaining to the antipodes; situated on the opposite side of the globe.

2. Diametrically opposite. "His antipodal shadow." Lowell.

(An"ti*pode) n. One of the antipodes; anything exactly opposite.

In tale or history your beggar is ever the just antipode to your king.

The singular, antipode, is exceptional in formation, but has been used by good writers. Its regular English plural would be an"ti*podes, the last syllable rhyming with abodes, and this pronunciation is sometimes heard. The plural form (originally a Latin word without a singular) is in common use, and is pronounced, after the English method of Latin, an*tip"o*dez.

(An`ti*po"de*an) a. Pertaining to the antipodes, or the opposite side of the world; antipodal.

(An*tip"o*des) n. [L. pl., fr. Gr. with the feet opposite, pl. against + foot.]

1. Those who live on the side of the globe diametrically opposite.

2. The country of those who live on the opposite side of the globe. Latham.

3. Anything exactly opposite or contrary.

Can there be a greater contrariety unto Christ's judgment, a more perfect antipodes to all that hath hitherto been gospel?

(An"ti*pole) n. The opposite pole; anything diametrically opposed. Geo. Eliot.

(An"ti*pope) n. One who is elected, or claims to be, pope in opposition to the pope canonically chosen; esp. applied to those popes who resided at Avignon during the Great Schism.

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