The Lord's Anointed, Christ or the Messiah; also, a Jewish or other king by "divine right." 1 Sam. xxvi. 9.

(A*noint"), p. p. Anointed. [Obs.] Chaucer.

(A*noint"er) n. One who anoints.

(A*noint"ment) n. The act of anointing, or state of being anointed; also, an ointment. Milton.

(||A*no"lis) n. [In the Antilles, anoli, anoalli, a lizard.] (Zoöl.) A genus of lizards which belong to the family Iguanidæ. They take the place in the New World of the chameleons in the Old, and in America are often called chameleons.

(A*nom"al) n. Anything anomalous. [R.]

(A*nom"a*li*ped A*nom"a*li*pede) a. [L. anomalus irregular + pes, pedis, foot.] Having anomalous feet.

(A*nom"a*li*ped), n. (Zoöl.) One of a group of perching birds, having the middle toe more or less united to the outer and inner ones.

(A*nom"a*lism) n. An anomaly; a deviation from rule. Hooker.

(A*nom`a*lis"tic A*nom`a*lis"tic*al) a. [Cf. F. anomalistique.]

1. Irregular; departing from common or established rules.

(An"o*dyne) a. [L. anodynus, Gr. free from pain, stilling pain; 'an priv. + pain: cf. F. anodin.] Serving to assuage pain; soothing.

The anodyne draught of oblivion.

"The word [in a medical sense] in chiefly applied to the different preparations of opium, belladonna, hyoscyamus, and lettuce." Am. Cyc.

(An"o*dyne), n. [L. anodynon. See Anodyne, a.] Any medicine which allays pain, as an opiate or narcotic; anything that soothes disturbed feelings.

(An"o*dy`nous) a. Anodyne.

(A*noil") v. t. [OF. enoilier.] To anoint with oil. [Obs.] Holinshed.

(A*noint") v. t. [imp. & p. p. Anointed; p. pr. & vb. n. Anointing.] [OF. enoint, p. p. of enoindre, fr. L. inungere; in + ungere, unguere, to smear, anoint. See Ointment, Unguent.]

1. To smear or rub over with oil or an unctuous substance; also, to spread over, as oil.

And fragrant oils the stiffened limbs anoint.

He anointed the eyes of the blind man with the clay.
John ix. 6.

2. To apply oil to or to pour oil upon, etc., as a sacred rite, especially for consecration.

Then shalt thou take the anointing oil, and pour it upon his [Aaron's] head and anoint him.
Exod. xxix. 7.

Anoint Hazael to be king over Syria.
1 Kings xix. 15.

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