Alphonsine tables, astronomical tables prepared under the patronage of Alphonso the Wise. Whewell.

(Al"pi*gene) a. [L. Alpes Alps + -gen.] Growing in Alpine regions.

(Al"pine) a. [L. Alpinus, fr. Alpes the Alps: cf. F. Alpin.]

1. Of or pertaining to the Alps, or to any lofty mountain; as, Alpine snows; Alpine plants.

2. Like the Alps; lofty. "Gazing up an Alpine height." Tennyson.

(Al"pin*ist) n. A climber of the Alps.

(Al"pist Al"pi*a) n. [F.: cf. Sp. & Pg. alpiste.] The seed of canary grass used for feeding cage birds.

(||Al"qui*fou) n. [Equiv. to arquifoux, F. alquifoux, Sp. alquifól, fr. the same Arabic word as alcohol. See Alcohol.] A lead ore found in Cornwall, England, and used by potters to give a green glaze to their wares; potter's ore.

(Al*read"y) adv. [All (OE. al) + ready.] Prior to some specified time, either past, present, or future; by this time; previously. "Joseph was in Egypt already." Exod. i. 5.

I say unto you, that Elias is come already.
Matt. xvii. 12.

It has reference to past time, but may be used for a future past; as, when you shall arrive, the business will be already completed, or will have been already completed.

(Als) adv.

1. Also. [Obs.] Chaucer.

2. As. [Obs.] Chaucer.

(Al*sa"tian) a. Pertaining to Alsatia.

(Al*sa"tian), n. An inhabitant of Alsatia or Alsace in Germany, or of Alsatia or White Friars (a resort of debtors and criminals) in London.

Al segno
(||Al` se"gno) [It., to the mark or sign.] (Mus.) A direction for the performer to return and recommence from the sign .

(Al"sike) n. [From Alsike, in Sweden.] A species of clover with pinkish or white flowers; Trifolium hybridum.

(Al"so) adv. & conj. [All + so. OE. al so, AS. ealswa, alsw, ælswæ; eal, al, æl, all + swa so. See All, So, As.]

1. In like manner; likewise. [Obs.]

1. To arrange alphabetically; as, to alphabetize a list of words.

2. To furnish with an alphabet.

(Al-phit"o*man`cy) n. [Gr. barley meal + -mancy: cf. F. alphitomancie.] Divination by means of barley meal. Knowles.

(Al*phon"sine) a. Of or relating to Alphonso X., the Wise, King of Castile

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