(A*larm"ing), a. Exciting, or calculated to excite, alarm; causing apprehension of danger; as, an alarming crisis or report. — A*larm"ing*ly, adv.

(A*larm"ist), n. [Cf. F. alarmiste.] One prone to sound or excite alarms, especially, needless alarms. Macaulay.

(A*lar"um) n. [OE. alarom, the same word as alarm, n.] See Alarm. [Now Poetic]

The variant form alarum is now commonly restricted to an alarm signal or the mechanism to sound an alarm (as in an alarm clock.)

(Al"a*ry) a. [L. alarius, fr. ala wing.] Of or pertaining to wings; also, wing- shaped.

The alary system of insects.

(A*las") interj. [OE. alas, allas, OF. alas, F. hélas; a interj. (L. ah.) + las wretched L. lassus weary, akin to E. late. See Late.] An exclamation expressive of sorrow, pity, or apprehension of evil; — in old writers, sometimes followed by day or white; alas the day, like alack a day, or alas the white.

(A*late") adv. [Pref. a- + late.] Lately; of late. [Archaic]

There hath been alate such tales spread abroad.

(A"late A"la*ted) a. [L. alatus, from ala wing.] Winged; having wings, or side appendages like wings.

(Al"a*tern ||Al`a*ter"nus) n. [L. ala wing + terni three each.] (Bot.) An ornamental evergreen shrub (Rhamnus alaternus) belonging to the buckthorns.

(A*la"tion) n. [F., fr. L. alatus winged.] The state of being winged.

(A*launt") n. See Alan. [Obs.] Chaucer.

(Alb) n. [OE. albe, LL. alba, fr. L. albus white. Cf. Album and Aube.] A vestment of white linen, reaching to the feet, an enveloping the person; — in the Roman Catholic church, worn by those in holy orders when officiating at mass. It was formerly worn, at least by clerics, in daily life.

(Al"ba*core) n. (Zoöl.) See Albicore.

(Al"ban) n. [L. albus white.] (Chem.) A white crystalline resinous substance extracted from gutta-percha by the action of alcohol or ether.

(Al*ba"ni*an) a. Of or pertaining to Albania, a province of Turkey.n. A native of Albania.

(||Al*ba"ta) n. [L. albatus, p. p. of albare to make white, fr. albus white.] A white metallic alloy; which is made into spoons, forks, teapots, etc. British plate or German silver. See German silver, under German.

(Al"ba*tross) n. [Corrupt. fr. Pg. alcatraz cormorant, albatross, or Sp. alcatraz a pelican: cf. Pg. alcatruz, Sp. arcaduz, a bucket, fr. Ar. al- qadus the bucket, fr. Gr. ka`dos, a water vessel. So an Arabic term for pelican is water-carrier, as a bird carrying water in its pouch.] (Zoöl.) A web-footed bird, of the genus Diomedea, of which there are several species. They are the largest of sea birds, capable of long-continued flight, and are often seen at great distances from the land. They are found chiefly in the southern hemisphere.

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