A B C book, a primer. Shak.

(||Ab"dal) n. [Ar. badil, pl. abdal, a substitute, a good, religious man, saint, fr. badala to change, substitute.] A religious devotee or dervish in Persia.

(Ab*de"ri*an) a. [From Abdera, a town in Thrace, of which place Democritus, the Laughing Philosopher, was a native.] Given to laughter; inclined to foolish or incessant merriment.

(Ab*de"rite) n. [L. Abderita, Abderites, fr. Gr. 'Abdhri`ths.] An inhabitant of Abdera, in Thrace.

The Abderite, Democritus, the Laughing Philosopher.

(Ab"dest) n. [Per. abdast; ab water + dast hand.] Purification by washing the hands before prayer; — a Mohammedan rite. Heyse.

(Ab"di*ca*ble) a. Capable of being abdicated.

(Ab"di*cant) a. [L. abdicans, p. pr. of abdicare.] Abdicating; renouncing; — followed by of.

Monks abdicant of their orders.

(Ab"di*cant), n. One who abdicates. Smart.

(Ab"di*cate) v. t. [imp. & p. p. Abdicated ; p. pr. & vb. n. Abdicating.] [L. abdicatus, p. p. of abdicare; ab + dicare to proclaim, akin to dicere to say. See Diction.]

1. To surrender or relinquish, as sovereign power; to withdraw definitely from filling or exercising, as a high office, station, dignity; as, to abdicate the throne, the crown, the papacy.

1. One who abbreviates or shortens.

2. One of a college of seventy-two officers of the papal court whose duty is to make a short minute of a decision on a petition, or reply of the pope to a letter, and afterwards expand the minute into official form.

(Ab*bre"vi*a*to*ry) a. Serving or tending to abbreviate; shortening; abridging.

(Ab*bre"vi*a*ture) n.

1. An abbreviation; an abbreviated state or form. [Obs.]

2. An abridgment; a compendium or abstract.

This is an excellent abbreviature of the whole duty of a Christian.
Jer. Taylor.

Abb wool
(Abb" wool) See Abb.

(A B C")

1. The first three letters of the alphabet, used for the whole alphabet.

2. A primer for teaching the alphabet and first elements of reading. [Obs.]

3. The simplest rudiments of any subject; as, the A B C of finance.

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