O Believers! stand up as witnesses for God by righteousness: and let not ill-will at any, induce you not to act uprightly. Act uprightly. Next will this be to the fear of God. And fear ye God: verily, God is apprised of what ye do.

God hath promised to those who believe, and do the things that are right, that for them is pardon and a great reward.

But they who are Infidels and treat our signs as lies—these shall be mated with Hell fire.

O Believers! recollect God’s favour upon you, when11 certain folk were minded to stretch forth their hands against you, but He kept their hands from you. Fear God then: and on God let the faithful trust.

Of old did God accept the covenant of the children of Israel,12 and out of them we raised up twelve leaders, and God said, “Verily, I will be with you. If ye observe prayer and pay the obligatory alms, and believe in my Apostles and help them, and lend God a liberal loan, I will surely put away from you your evil deeds, and I will bring you into gardens ’neath which the rivers flow! But whoso of you after this believeth not, hath gone astray from the even path.”

But for their breaking their covenant we have cursed them, and have hardened their hearts. They shift the words of Scripture from their places, and have forgotten part of what they were taught. Thou wilt not cease to discover deceit on their part, except in a few of them. But forgive them, and pass it over: verily, God loveth those who act generously!

And of those who say, “We are Christians,” have we accepted the covenant. But they too have forgotten a part of what they were taught; wherefore we have stirred up enmity and hatred among them that shall last till the day of the Resurrection; and in the end will God tell them of their doings.

O people of the Scriptures! now is our Apostle come to you to clear up to you much that ye concealed of those Scriptures, and to pass over many things. Now hath a light and a clear Book come to you from God, by which God will guide him who shall follow after his good pleasure, to paths of peace, and will bring them out of the darkness to the light, by his will: and to the straight path will he guide them.

Infidels now are they who say, “Verily God is the Messiah Ibn Maryam (son of Mary)! Say: And who could aught obtain from God, if he chose to destroy the Messiah Ibn Maryam, and his mother, and all who are on the earth together?

For with God is the sovereignty of the Heavens and of the Earth, and of all that is between them! He createth what He will; and over all things is God potent.

Say the Jews and Christians, “Sons are we of God and his beloved.” Say: Why then doth he chastise you for your sins? Nay! ye are but a part of the men whom he hath created! He will pardon whom he pleaseth, and chastise whom he pleaseth, and with God is the sovereignty of the Heavens and of the Earth, and of all that is between them, and unto Him shall all things return.

O people of the Book! now hath our Apostle come to you to clear up to you the cessation13 of Apostles, lest you should say, “There hath come to us no bearer of good tidings, nor any warner.” But now hath a bearer of good tidings and a warner reached you. And God is Almighty.

And remember when Moses said to his people, “O my people! call to mind the goodness of God towards you when he appointed Prophets among you, and appointed you kings, and gave you what never had been given before to any human beings:

Enter, O my people! the holy land which God hath destined for you. Turn not back, lest ye be overthrown to your ruin.”

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