• Bashfulness on account of his being an illustrious man

  • Fear on account of his being powerful, or possessed of too impetuous passion, in the case of the deer woman

  • Bashfulness on account of his being too clever

  • The thought of having once lived with him on friendly terms only

  • Contempt of his want of knowledge of the world

  • Distrust of his low character

  • Disgust at his want of perception of her love for him

  • In the case of an elephant woman, the thought that he is a hare man, or a man of weak passion

  • Compassion lest anything should befall him on account of his passion

  • Despair at her own imperfections

  • Fear of discovery

  • Disillusion at seeing his grey hair or shabby appearance

  • Fear that he may be employed by her husband to test her chastity

  • The thought that he has too much regard for morality

Whichever of the above causes a man may detect, he should endeavour to remove it from the very beginning. Thus, the bashfulness that may arise from his greatness or his ability, he should remove by showing his great love and affection for her. The difficulty of the want of opportunity, or of his inaccessibility, he should remove by showing her some easy way of access. The excessive respect entertained by the woman for him should be removed by making himself very familiar. The difficulties that arise from his being thought a low character he should remove by showing his valour and his wisdom; those that come from neglect by extra attention; and those that arise from fear by giving her proper encouragement.

The following are the men who generally obtain success with women:

  • Men well versed in the science of love

  • Men skilled in telling stories

  • Men acquainted with women from their childhood Men

  • who have secured their confidence

  • Men who send presents to them

  • Men who talk well

  • Men who do things that they like

  • Men who have not loved other women previously

  • Men who act as messengers

  • Men who know their weak points

  • Men who are desired by good women

  • Men who are united with their female friends

  • Men who are good looking

  • Men who have been brought up with them

  • Men who are their neighbours

  • Men who are devoted to sexual pleasures, even though these be with their own servants

  • The lovers of the daughters of their nurse

  • Men who have been lately married

  • Men who like picnics and pleasure parties

  • Men who are liberal

  • Men who are celebrated for being very strong (Bull men)

  • Enterprising and brave men

  • Men who surpass their husbands in learning and good looks, in good qualities, and in liberality

  • Men whose dress and manner of living are magnificent
The following are the women who are easily gained over:

  • Women who stand at the doors of their houses

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