Sundry Names Given to the Sexual Organs of Women

El feurdj, the slit
Abou belâoum, the glutton
El keuss, the vulva
El mokâour, the bottomless
El kelmoune, the voluptuous
Abou cheufrine, the two-lipped
El ass, the primitive
Abou âungra, the humpbacked
El zerzour, the starling
El rorbal, the sieve
El cheukk, the chin
El hazzaz, the restless
Abou tertour, the one with a cres.
El lezzaz, the unionist
Abou khochime, the one with a little nose
El moudd, the accommodating
El moudïne, the assistant
El gueunfond, the hedgehog
El meusboul, the long one
El sakouti, the silent one
El molki, the duellist
El deukkak, the crusher
El harrab, the fugitive
El tseguil, the importunate
El sabeur, the resigned
El taleb, the yearning one
El mouseuffah, the barred one
El hacene, the beautiful
El mezour, the deep one
El neuffakh, the one that swells
El âddad, the biter
Abou djebaha, the one with a projection
El menssass, the sucker
El zeunbur, the wasp
El ouasâ, the vast one
El harr, the hot one
El aride, the large one
El ladid, the delicious one

As regards the vulva called el feurdj, the slit, it has this name because it opens and shuts again when hotly yearning for coitus, like the one of a mare in heat at the approach of the stallion. This word, however, is applied indiscriminately to the natural parts of men and women, for God the Supreme has used this expression in the Koran, chap. xxxiii. v. 35, `El hafidine feuroudjahoum ou el hafidate.' The proper meaning of feurdj is slit, opening, passage; people say, `I have found a feurdj in the mountains,' viz., a passage; there is then a soukoune upon the ra and a fatcha upon the djïne, and in this sense it means also the natural parts of woman. But if the ra is marked with a fatcha it signifies deliverance from misfortunes.

`The person who dreams of having seen the vulva, feurdj, of a woman will know that `if he isintrouble God will freehimof it; if he is in a perplexity he will soon get out of it; and lastly if he is in poverty he will soon become wealthy, because feurdj, by transposing the vowels, will mean the deliverance from evil. By analogy, if he wants a thing he will get it: if he has debts, they will be paid.'

It is considered more lucky to dream of the vulva as open. But if the one seen belongs to a young virgin it indicates that the door of consolation will remain closed, and the thing which is desired is not obtainable. It is a proved fact that the man who sees in his dream the vulva of a virgin that has never been touched will certainly be involved in difficulties, and will not be lucky in his affairs. But if the vulva is open so that he can look well into it, or even if it is hidden but he is free to enter it, he will bring the most difficult tasks to a successful end after having first failed in them, and this after a short delay, by the help of a person whom he never thought of.

He who has seen in his dream a man busy upon a young girl, and when the same is getting off her has managed to see at that moment her vulva, will bring his business to a happy end, after having first failed to do so, by the help of the man he has seen. If it is himself who did the girl's business, and he has seen her vulva, he will succeed by his own exertions to realize the most difficult problems, and be successful in every respect. Generally speaking, to see the vulva in dreams is a good sign; so it is of good augury to dream of coition, and he who sees himself in the act, and finishing with the ejaculation, will meet success in all his affairs. But it is not the same with the man who merely begins coition and does not finish it. He, on the contrary, will be unlucky in every enterprise.

It is supposed that the man who dreams of being busy with a woman will afterwards obtain from her what he wants.

The man who dreams of cohabiting with women with whom to have sexual intercourse is forbidden by religion, as for instance his mother, sister, etc. (maharine), must consider this as a presage that he will go to sacred places (moharreme); and, perhaps, even journey to the holy house of God, and look there upon the grave of the Prophet.

As regards the virile member, it has been previously mentioned that to dream of accident occurring to that organ means the loss of all remembrance and the extinction of the race.

The sight of a pair of pantaloons (seronal) prognosticates the appointment to a post (oulaïa), by reason of the analogy of the letters composing the word seronal with those arming by transposition the two

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