10. For a hurt in the Eye with a stroke

Take Agrimony, and bruise it very well, and temper it with white Wine, and the white of an egg: spread it pretty thick upon a cloth, like a plaster, and apply it to the outside of the eye-lid, and, although it be almost out, it will cure it.

11. To draw rheum back from the Eyes

Take an egg and roast it hard, then pull off the shell, and slit it in two, and apply it hot to the nape of the neck, and thou shalt find ease presently.

12. For the web in the Eye

Take the gall of a hare, and clarified honey, of each equal proportions: mix them together, and lay it to the web.


13.For Pain in the Ears

Drop a little oil of sweet Almonds into the ear, and it easeth the pain instantly; (and yet oil of bitter Almonds is our doctor's common remedy.)

14.For an Imposthume in the Ear

Boil some milk, and put it into a stone pot with a narrow mouth, and hold the sore ear over the pot whilst the milk is very hot, that the vapour of the milk may ascend into the ear: this is an often approved remedy to take away the pain, and break the imposthume.


15. For Polypus; or a fleshy substance growing in the Nose

Take the juice of Ivy, and make a tent with a little cotton, the which dip in the juice and put it up in the nostril.

16. To cleanse the Nose

Snuff up the juice of red Beet-root; it will cleanse not only the nose, but also the head; this is a singular remedy for such as are troubled with hard congealed stuff in their nostrils.

17. For bleeding at the Nose

Bind the arms and legs as hard as you can with a piece of taperibboning; that, perhaps, may call back the blood.

18.For a Canker in the Nose

Boil strong ale till it be thick, if the Canker be in the outside of the nose, spread it as a plaster, and apply it; if in the inside, make a tent of a linen rag, and put it up the nostril.

19. Another for the Polypus

The water of Adder's-tongue snuffed up the nose, is very good: but it were better, in my opinion, to keep a rag continually moistened with it in the nose.

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