ounces, Oil of Roses three ounces, white Wax twelve ounces, Per-Rozin ten ounces, Pitch six ounces, the juice of Plantain, Houseleek, and Orpine, of each an ounce, the Wax, Rozin, and Pitch being melted together, add the Turpentine and Oil, then the Hypocistis and Acacia dissolved in the juices, at last the powders, and make it into a plaister according to art.

Culpeper : It is of a fine, cool, binding, strengthening nature, excellently good to repel hot rheums or vapours that ascend up to the head, the hair being shaved off, and it applied to the crown.

Emplastrum Catagmaticum the first

College : Take of juice of Marsh-mallow roots six ounces, bark of Ashtree roots, and their leaves, the roots of Comfrey the greater and smaller with their leaves, of each two ounces, Myrtle Berries an ounce and an half, the leaves of Willow, the tops of St. John's Wort, of each an handful and an half, having bruised them, boil them together in red Wine, and Smith's Water, of each two pound, till half be consumed, strain it, and add Oil of Myrtles, and Roses omphacine, of each one pound and an half, Goat's suet eight ounces, boil it again to the consumption of the decoction, strain it again, and add Litharge of Gold and Silver, red Lead, of each four ounces, yellow Wax one pound, Colophonia half a pound, boil it to the consistance of a plaister, then add Turpentine two ounces, Myrrh, Frankincense, Mastich, of each half an ounce, Bole-ammoniac, Earth of Lemnos, of each one ounce, stir them about well till they be boiled, and made into an emplaister according to art.

Catagmaticum the second

College : Take of the roots of Comfrey the greater, Marshmallows, Misselto of the Oak, of each two ounces, Plantain, Chamepitys, St. John's Wort, of each a handful, boil them in equal parts of black Wine, and Smith's Water till half be consumed, strain it, and add mussilage of Quince seeds made in Tripe water, Oil of Mastich and Roses, of each four ounces, boil it to the consumption of the humidity, and having strained it, add Litharge of Gold four ounces, boil it to the consistence of an emplaister, then add yellow Wax four ounces, Turpentine three ounces, Colophonia six drams, Ship Pitch ten ounces, powders of Balaustines, Roses, Myrtles, Acacia, of each half an ounce, Mummy, Androsamum, Mastich, Amber, of each six drams, Bole-ammoniac fine flowers, Frankincense, of each twelve drams, Dragon's blood two ounces: make it into a plaister according to art.

Culpeper : Both this and the former are binding and drying, the former rules will instruct you in the use.

Emplastrum Cephalicum
Or, A Cephalic Plaister

College : Take of Rozin two ounces, black Pitch one ounce, Labdanum, Turpentine, flower of Beans, and Orobus, Dove's dung, of each half an ounce, Myrrh, Mastich, of each one dram and an half, Gum of Juniper, Nutmegs, of each two drams, dissolve the Myrrh and Labdanum in a hot mortar, and adding the rest, make it into a plaister according to art. If you will have it stronger, add the powders, Euphorbium, Pellitory of Spain, and black Pepper, of each two scruples.

Culpeper : It is proper to strengthen the brain, and repel such vapours as annoy it, and those powders being added, it dries up the superfluous moisture thereof, and eases the eyes of hot scalding vapours that annoy them.

Emplastrum de Cerussa
Or, A Plaister of Ceruss

College : Take of Ceruss in fine powder, white Wax, Sallad Oil, of each three ounces, add the Oil by degrees to the Ceruss, and boil it by continual stirring over a gentle fire, till it begin to swell, then add the Wax cut small by degrees, and boil it to its just consistence.

Culpeper : It helps burns, dry scabs, and hot ulcers, and in general whatever sores abound with moisture.

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