Emplastrum ex Ammoniaco
Or, A Plaister of Ammoniacum

College : Take of Ammoniacum, Bran well sifted, of each an ounce, Ointment of Marsh-mallows, Melilot plaister compound, roots of Briony, and Orris in powder, of each half an ounce, the fat of Ducks, Geese, and Hens, of each three drams, Bdellium, Galbanum, of each one dram and an half, Per-Rozin, Wax, of each five ounces, oil of Orris, Turpentine, of each half an ounce, boil the fats and oils with mussilage of Lin-seed, and Fenugreek seed, of each three ounces, to the consumption of the mussilage, strain it, and add the Wax, Rozin, and Turpentine, the ointment of Marshmallows with the plaister of Melilot; when it begins to be cold, put in the Ammoniacum, dissolved in Vinegar, then the Bdellium in powder, with the rest of the powders, and make it into a plaister according to art.

Culpeper : It softens and assuages hard swellings, and scatters the humours offending, applied to the side it softens the hardness of the spleen, assuages pains thence arising.

Emplastrum e Baccus Lauri
Or, A Plaister of Bay-berries

College : Take of Bay-berries husked, Turpentine, of each two ounces, Frankincense, Mastich, Myrrh, of each an ounce, Cypress, Costus, of each half an ounce, Honey warmed and not scummed, four ounces: make it into a plaister according to art.

Culpeper : It is an excellent plaister to ease any pains coming of cold or wind, in any part of the body, whether stomach, liver, belly, reins, or bladder. It is an excellent remedy for the cholic and wind in the bowels.

Emplastrum Barbarum Magnum

College : Take of dry Pitch eight pounds, yellow Wax six pounds and eight ounces, Per-Rozin five pounds and four ounces, Bitumen, Judaicum, or Mummy, four pounds, Oil one pound and an half, Verdigris, Litharge, Ceruss, of each three ounces, Frankincense half a pound, Roach Alum not burnt, an ounce and an half, burnt, four ounces, Opopanax, scales of Brass, Galbanum, of each twelve drams, Aloes, Opium, Myrrh, of each half an ounce, Turpentine two pounds, juice of Mandrakes, or else dried bark of the root, six drams, Vinegar five pounds. Let the Litharge, Ceruss, and Oil, boil to the thickness of Honey, then incorporate with them the Pitch, being melted with Bitumen in powder; then add the rest, and boil them according to art, till the vinegar be consumed, and it stick not to your hands.

Culpeper : It helps the bitings of men and beasts, eases inflammations of wounds, and helps infirmities of the joints, and gouts in the beginning.

Emplastrum de Betonica
Or, A Plaister of Betony

College : Take of Betony, Burnet, Agrimony, Sage, Pennyroyal, Yarrow, Comfrey the greater, Clary, of each six ounces, Frankincense, Mastich, of each three drams, Orris, round Birthwort, of each six drams, white Wax, Turpentine, of each eight ounces, PerRozin six ounces, Gum Elemi, Oil of Fir, of each two ounces, white Wine three pounds: bruise the herbs, boil them in the Wine, then strain them, and add the rest, and make them into a plaister according to art.

Culpeper : It is a good plaister to unite the skull when it is cracked, to draw out pieces of broken bones, and cover the bones with flesh. It draws filth from the bottom of deep ulcers, restores flesh lost, cleanses, digests, and drys.

Emplastrum Cæsarus

College : Take of red Roses one ounce and an half, Bistort roots, Cypress Nuts, all the Sanders, Mints, Coriander seeds, of each three drams, Mastich half an ounce, Hypocistis, Acacia, Dragon's blood, Earth of Lemnos, Bole-ammoniac, red Coral, of each two drams, Turpentine washed in Plantain water four

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