Ceratum de Galbano
Or, Cerecloath of Galbanum

College : Take of Galbanum prepared, an ounce and an half, Assafœtida half an ounce, Bdellium a dram, Myrrh two drams, Wax two ounces, Carrot seeds a scruple, Featherfew, Mugwort, of each half a dram, dissolve the Gums in Vinegar, and make it a cerecloath according to art.

Culpeper : Being applied to the belly of a woman after labour, it cleanses her of any relicts accidently left behind, helps the fits of the mother, and other accidents incident to women in that case.

Ceratum Oesypatum

College : Take of Oesypus ten ounces, Oil of Chamomel, and Orris, of each half a pound, yellow Wax two pounds, Rozin a pound, Mastich, Ammoniacum, Turpentine, of each an ounce, Spikenard two drams and an half, Saffron a dram and an half, Styrax Calamitis half an ounce, make them into a cerecloath according to art.

Culpeper : It molifies and digests hard swellings of the liver, spleen, womb, nerves, joints, and other parts of the body, and is a great easer of pain.

Ceratum Santalinum

College : Take of red Sanders, ten drams, white and yellow Sanders, of each six drams, red Roses twelve drams, Bole-ammoniac seven drams, Spodium four drams, Camphire two drams, white Wax washed thirty drams, Oil of Roses omphacine six ounces: make it into a cerecloath according to art.

Culpeper : It wonderfully helps hot infirmities of the stomach, liver, and other parts, being but applied to them.

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