Unguentum Martiatum

College : Take of fresh Bay leaves three pounds, Garden Rue two pounds and an half, Marjoram two pounds, Mints a pound, Sage, Wormwood, Costmary, Bazil, of each half a pound, Sallad Oil twenty pounds, yellow Wax four pounds, Malaga Wine two pounds, of all of them being bruised, boiled, and pressed out as they ought, make an ointment according to art.

Culpeper : It is a great strengthener of the head, it being anointed with it; as also of all the parts of the body, especially the nerves, muscles, and arteries.

Unguentum Mastichinum
Or, An Ointment of Mastich

College : Take of the Oil of Mastich, Wormwood, and Nard, of each an ounce, Mastich, Mints, red Roses, red Coral, Cloves, Cinnamon, Wood of Aloes, Squinanth, of each a dram, wax as much as is sufficient to make it into an ointment according to art.

Culpeper : This is like the former, and not a whit inferior to it; it strengthens the stomach being anointed with it, restores appetite and digestion. Before it was called a stomach ointment.

Unguentum Neapolitanum

College : Take of Hog's grease washed in juice of Sage a pound, Quick-silver strained through leather, four ounces, oil of Bays, Chamomel, and Earthworms, of each two ounces, Spirit of Wine an ounce, yellow Wax two ounces, Turpentine washed in juice of Elecampane three ounces, powder of Chamepitys and Sage, of each two drams, make them into an ointment according to art.

Culpeper : A learned art to spoil people: hundreds are bound to curse such ointments, and those that appoint them.

Unguentum Nervinum

College : Take of Cowslips with the flowers, Sage, Chamepitys, Rosemary, Lavender, Bay with the berries, Chamomel, Rue, Smallage, Melilot with the flowers, Wormwood, of each a handful, Mints, Betony, Pennyroyal, Parsley, Centaury the less, St. John's Wort, of each a handful, oil of Sheep's or Bullock's feet, five pounds, oil of Spike half an ounce, Sheep's or Bullock's Suet, or the Marrow of either, two pounds: the herbs being bruised and boiled with the oil and suet, make it into an ointment according to art.

Culpeper : It is appropriated to the nerves, and helps their infirmities coming of cold, as also old bruised, make use of it in dead palsies, chilliness or coldness of particular members, such as the arteries perform not their office to as they ought; for wind anoint your belly with it; for want of digestion, your stomach; for the cholic, your belly; for whatever disease in any part of the body comes of cold, esteem this as a jewel.

Unguentum Pectorale
Or, A Pectoral Ointment

College : Take of fresh Butter washed in Violet Water six ounces, oil of Sweet Almonds four ounces, oil of Chamomel and Violets, white Wax, of each three ounces, Hen's and Duck's greese, of each two ounces, Orris roots two drams, Saffron half a dram. The two last being finely powdered, the rest melted and often washed in Barley or Hyssop water, make an ointment of them according to art.

Culpeper : It strengthens the breast and stomach, eases the pains thereof, helps pleurises and consumptions of the lungs, the breast being anointed with it.

Unguentum Resumptivum

College : Take of Hog's grease three ounces, the grease of Hens, Geese, and Ducks, of each two ounces, Oesipus half an ounce, oil of Violets, Chamomel, and Dill, fresh Butter a pound, white Wax six ounces,

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