Ointments More Compound

Unguentum Agrippa

College : Take of Briony roots two pounds, the roots of wild Cucumbers one pound, Squills half a pound, fresh English Orris roots, three ounces, the roots of male Fern, dwarf Elder, water Caltrops, or Aaron, of each two ounces, bruise them all, being fresh, and steep them six or seven days in four pounds of old oil, the whitest, not rank, then boil them and press them out, and in the oil melt fifteen ounces of white Wax, and make it into an ointment according to art.

Culpeper : It purges exceedingly, and is good to anoint the bellies of such as have dropsies, and if there be any humour or flegm in any part of the body that you know not how to remove (provided the part be not too tender) you may anoint it with this; but yet be not too busy with it, for I tell you plainly it is not very safe.

Unguentum Amarum
Or, A bitter Ointment

College : Take of Oil of Rue, Savin, Mints, Wormwood, bitter Almonds, of each one ounce and an half, juice of Peach flowers and leaves, and Wormwood, of each half an ounce, powder of Rue, Mints, Centaury the less, Gentian, Tormentil, of each one dram, the seeds of Coleworts, the pulp of Colocynthis, of each two drams, Aloes Hepatic, three drams, meal of Lupines half an ounce, Myrrh washed in Grass water a dram and an half, Bull's Gall an ounce and an half, with a sufficient quantity of juice of Lemons, and an ounce and an half of Wax, make it into an ointment according to art.

Unguentum Apostolorum
Or, Ointment of the Apostles

College : Take of Turpentine, yellow Wax, Ammoniacum, of each fourteen drams, long Birthwort roots, Olibanum, Bdellium, of each six drams, Myrrh, Gilbanum, of each half an ounce, Opopanax, Verdigris, of each two drams, Litharge nine drams, Oil two pounds, Vinegar enough to dissolve the Gums, make it into an ointment according to art.

Culpeper : It consumes corrupt and dead flesh, and makes flesh soft which is hard, it cleanses wounds, ulcers, and fistulas, and restores flesh where it is wanting.

Unguentum Catapsoras

College : Take of Ceruss washed in Purslain water, then in Vinegar wherein wild Rhadish roots have been steeped and pressed out, Lapis Calaminaris, Chalcitis, of each six drams, burnt Lead, Goat's blood, of each half an ounce, Quick-silver sublimated an ounce, the juice of Houseleek, Nightshade, Plantain, of each two ounces, Hog's grease cleansed three pounds, Oil of Violets, Poppies, Mandrakes, of each an ounce: first let the sublimate and exungia, then the oils, juices, and powders, be mixed, and so made into an ointment according to art.

Unguentum Citrinum
Or, A Citron Ointment

College : Take of Borax an ounce, Camphire a dram, white Coral half an ounce, Alum Plume an ounce, Umbilicus Marinus, Tragacanth, white Starch, of each three drams, Crystal, Dentalis Utalis, Olibanum, Niter, white Marble, of each two drams, Gersa Serpentaria an ounce, Ceruss six ounces, Hog's grease not salted, a pound and an half, Goat's suet prepared, an ounce and an half, Hen's fat two ounces and an half. Powder the things as you ought to do both together, and by themselves, melt the fats being cleansed in a stone vessel, and steep in them two Citrons of a mean bigness cut in bits, in a warm bath, after a whole week strain it, and put in the powders by degrees, amongst which let the Camphire and Borax be the last, stir them, and bring them into the form of an ointment.

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