Basilicon, the less

College : Take of yellow Wax, fat Rozin, Greek Pitch, of each half a pound, Oil nine ounces: mix them together, by melting them according to art.

Culpeper : Both this and the former, heat, moisten, and digest, procure matter in wounds, I mean brings the filth or corrupted blood from green wounds: they cleanse and ease pain.

Ointment of Bdellium

College : Take of Bdellium six drams, Euphorbium, Sagapen, of each four drams, Castoreum three drams, Wax fifteen drams, Oil of Elder or Wall-flowers, ten drams, the Bdellium, and Sagapen being dissolved in water of wild Rue, let the rest be united by the heat of a bath.

Unguentum de Calce
Or, Ointment of Chalk

College : Take of Chalk washed, seven times at least, half a pound, Wax three ounces, Oil of Roses one pound, stir them all together diligently in a leaden mortar, the wax being first melted by a gentle fire in a sufficient quantity of the prescribed oil.

Culpeper : It is exceeding good in burnings and scaldings.

Unguentum Dialthæ
Or, Ointment of Marsh-mallows

College : Take of common Oil four pounds, mussilage of Marsh-mallow roots, Linseed, and Fenugreek seed two pounds: boil them together till the watry part of the mussilage be consumed, then add Wax half a pound, Rozin three ounces, Turpentine an ounce, boil them to the consistence of an ointment, but let the mussilage be prepared of a pound of fresh roots bruised, and half a pound of each of the seeds steeped, and boiled in eight pounds of spring water, and then pressed out. See the compound.

Unguentum Diapompholygos

College : Take of Oil of Nightshade sixteen ounces, white Wax, washed, Ceruss, of each four drams, Lead burnt and washed, Pompholix prepared, of each two ounces, pure Frankincense one ounce: bring them into the form of an ointment according to art.

Culpeper : This much differing from the former, you shall have that inserted at latter end, and then you may use which you please.

Unguentum Enulatum
Or, Ointment of Elecampane

College : Take of Elecampane roots boiled in Vinegar, bruised and pulped, one pound, Turpentine washed in their decoction, new Wax, of each two ounces, old Hog's grease salted ten ounces, old oil four ounces, common salt one ounce, add the Turpentine to the grease, wax, and oil, being melted, as also the pulp and salt being finely powdered, and so make it into an ointment according to art.

Unguentum Enulatum cum Mercurio
Or, Ointment of Elecampane with Quicksilver

College : Is made of the former ointment, by adding two ounces of Quick-silver, killed by continual stirring, not only with spittle, or juice of Lemons, but with all the Turpentine kept for that intent, and part of the grease, in a stone mortar.

Culpeper : My opinion of this ointment, is (briefly) this: It was invented for the itch, without quick-silver it will do no good, with quick-silver it may do harm.

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