Compound Oils By Infusion And Decoction

Oleum Benedictum
Or Blessed Oil

College : Take of the roots of Carduus and Valerian, of each one ounce, the flowers of St. John's Wort two ounces, Wheat one ounce and an half, old Oil four ounces, Cypress Turpentine eight ounces, Frankincense in powder two ounces, infuse the roots and flowers, being bruised, in so much white Wine as is sufficient to cover them, after two days' infusion put in the Oil with the Wheat, bruised, boil them together till the Wine be consumed; then press it out, and add the Frankincense and Turpentine, then boil them a little, and keep it.

Culpeper : It is appropriated to cleanse and consolidate wounds, especially in the head.

Oleum de Capparibus
Or, Oil of Capers

College : Take of the bark of Caper roots an ounce, bark of Tamarisk, the leaves of the same, the seeds of Agnus Castus, Cetrach, or Spleenwort, Cypress roots, of each two drams, Rue one dram, oil of ripe Olives one pound, white Wine Vinegar, and white Wine, of each two ounces, cut them and steep them, and boil them (two days being elapsed) gently in a bath, then the Wine and Vinegar being consumed, strain it, and keep it.

Culpeper : The oil is opening, and heating, absolutely appropriated to the spleen, hardness and pains thereof, and diseases coming of stoppings there, as hypocondriac melancholy, the rickets, &c.

Oil of Castoreum compound

College : Take of Castoreum, Styrax Calamitis, Galbanum, Euphorbium, Opopanax, Cassia Lignea, Saffron, Carpobalsamum or Cubebs, Spikenard, Costus, of each two drams, Cypress, Squinanth, Pepper long and black, Savin, Pellitory of Spain, of each two drams and an half, ripe Oil four pounds, Spanish Wine two pounds, the five first excepted, let the rest be prepared as they ought to be, and gently boiled in the Oil and Wine, until the Wine be consumed, mean time the Galbanum, Opopanax, and Euphorbium beaten in fine powder, being dissolved in part of the Wine, and strained, let them be exquisitely mixed with it (while the oil is warm) by often stirring; the boiling being finished, put in the Styrax and Castoreum.

Culpeper : The virtues are the same with the simple.

Oleum Castinum

College : Take of the roots of bitter Castus two ounces, Cassia Lignea one ounce, the tops of Marjoram eight ounces, being bruised, steep them two days in twelve ounces of sweet white Wine; then with three pounds of sallad oil washed in white Wine, boil it in Balneo Mariæ till the Wine be consumed.

Culpeper : It heats, opens obstructions, strengthens the nerves, and all nervous parts, as muscles, tendons, ligaments, the ventricle; besides these, it strengthens the liver, it keeps the hairs from turning grey, and gives a good colour to the body. I pray you take notice that this and the following oils, (till I give you warning to the contrary) are not made to eat.

Oleum Crocinum
Or, Oil of Saffron

College : Take of Saffron, Calamus Aromaticus, of each one ounce, Myrrh, half an ounce, Cardamoms nine drams, steep them six days, (the Cardomoms excepted, which are not to be put in till the last day,) in nine ounces of Vinegar, the day after put in a pound and an half of washed oil, boil it gently according to art, till the Vinegar be consumed, then strain it.

Culpeper : It helps pains in the nerves, and strengthens them, mollifies their hardness, helps pains in the matrix, and causes a good colour.

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