College : Common Oil of Olives, is pressed out of ripe olives, not out of the stones. Oil of Olives omphacine, is pressed out of unripe olives.

Oil of Yolks of Eggs

College : Boil the yolks till they be hard, and bruise them with your hand or with a pestle and mortar; beat them in an earthen vessel glazed until they begin to froth, stirring them diligently that they burn not, begin hot, put them in a linen bag, and sprinkle them with Aromatic Wine, and press out the oil according to art.

Culpeper : It is profitable in fistulas, and malignant ulcers, it causes the hair to grow, it clears the skin, and takes away deformities thereof, viz. tetters, ringworms, morphew, scabs.


Oil of Roses omphacine

College : Take of red Roses before they be ripe, bruised in a stone mortar, four ounces, oil Omphacine one pound, set them in a hot sun, in a glass close stopped, a whole week, shaking them every day, then boil them gently in a bath, press them out, and put in others, use them in like manner, do so a third time: then keep the Oil upon a pound of juice of Roses.

Oil of Roses complete

Is made in the same manner, with sweet and ripe oil, often washed, and red Roses fully open, bruised, set in the sun, and boiled gently in a double vessel, only let the third infusion stand in the sun forty days, then keep the roses and oil together.

In the same manner is made Oil of Wormwood, of the tops of common Wormwood thrice repeated, four ounces, and three pounds of ripe oil; only, the last time put in four ounces of the juice of Wormwood, which evaporate away by gentle boiling.

Oil of Dill. Of the flowers and leaves of Dill four ounces, complete oil, one pound, thrice repeated.

Oil of Castoreum. Of one ounce of Castoreum oil one pound, Wine four ounces, which must be consumed with the heat of a bath.

Oil of Chamomel (which more than one call Holy) of complete oil, and fresh Chamomel flowers, the little white leaves taken away, cut, bruised, and the vessel covered with a thin linen cloth, set in the sun, pressed out, and three times repeated.

Oil of Wall-flowers, as oil of Dill.

Oil of Quinces. Of six parts of oil Omphacine, the meat and juice of Quinces one part, set them in the sun fifteen days in a glass, and afterwards boil them four hours in a double vessel, press them out, and renew them three times.

Oil of Elecampane. Of ripe oil, and the roots of Elecampane bruised, and their juice, of each one part, and of generous Wine half a part, which is to be evaporated away.

Oil of Euphorbium. Of six drams of Euphorbium, Oil of Wallflowers, and sweet Wine, of each five ounces, boiling it in a double vessel till the Wine be consumed.

Oil of Ants. Of winged Ants infused in four times their weight of sweet oil, set in the sun in a glass forty days, and then strain it out.

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