Simple Oils By Expression


Oil of Sweet Almonds

College : Take of Sweet Almonds not corrupted, as many as you will, cast the shells away, and blanch them, beat them in a stone mortar, beat them in a double vessel, and press out the oil without heat.

Culpeper : It helps roughness and soreness of the throat and stomach, helps pleurisies, encreases seed, eases coughs and hectic fevers, by injection it helps such whose water scalds them; ulcers in the bladder, reins, and matrix. You may either take half an ounce of it by itself, or mix it with half an ounce of Syrup of Violets, and so take a spoonful at a time, still shaking them together when you take them: only take notice of this, if you take it inwardly, let it be new drawn, for it will be sour in three or four days.

Oil of bitter Almonds

College : It is made like Oil of sweet Almonds, but that you need not blanch them, nor have such a care of heat in pressing out the oil.

Culpeper : It opens stoppings, helps such as are deaf, being dropped into their ears, it helps the hardness of the nerves, and takes away spots in the face. It is seldom or never taken inwardly.

Oil of Hazel Nuts

College : It is made of the Kernels, cleansed, bruised, and beat, and pressed like Oil of sweet Almonds.

Culpeper. : You must put them in a vessel (viz. a glass, or some such thing) and stop them close that the water come not to them when you put them into the bath. The oil is good for cold afflictions of the nerves, the gout in the joints, &c.

College : So is Oil of Been, Oil of Nutmegs, and Oil of Mace drawn.

Oleum Caryinum

College : Is prepared of Walnut Kernels, in like manner, save only that in the making of this sometimes is required dried, old, and rank Nuts.

Oleum Chrysomelinum

College : Is prepared in the same manner of Apricots, so is also Oils of the Kernels of Cherry stones, Peaches, Pine-nuts, Fistic Nuts, Prunes, the seeds of Oranges, Hemp, Bastard Saffron, Citrons, Cucumbers, Gourds, Citruls, Dwarf Elder, Henbane, Lettuce, Flax, Melons, Poppy, Parsley, Radishes, Rape, Ricinum, Sesani, Mustard seed, and Grape stones.

Culpeper : Because most of these Oils are out of use, I took not the pains to quote the virtues of them; if any wish to make them, let them look to the simples, and there they have them; if the simples be not to be found in this book, there are other plentiful medicines conducing to the cure of all usual diseases; which are--

Oil of Bays

College : Take of Bay-berries, fresh and ripe, so many as you please, bruise them sufficiently, then boil them in a sufficient quantity of water till the Oil swim at top, which separate from the water, and keep for your use.

Culpeper : It helps the cholic, and is a sovereign remedy for any diseases in any part of the body coming either of wind or cold.

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