Trochisci Alkekengi
Or Troches of Winter-cherries

College : Take of Winter Cherries three drams, Gum Arabic, Tragacanth, Olibanum, Dragon's-blood, Pine-nuts, bitter Almonds, white Styrax, juice of Liquorice, Bole ammoniac, white Poppy seeds, of each six drams, the seeds of Melons, Cucumbers, Citruls, Gourds, of each three drams and an half, the seeds of Smallage and white Henbane, Amber, Earth of Lemnos, Opium, of each two drams, with juice of fresh Winter-Cherries, make them into troches according to art.

Culpeper : They potently provoke urine, and break the stone. Mix them with other medicine of that nature, half a dram at a time, or a dram if age permit.

Trochisci Bechici aloi, vel, Rotulæ pectorales
Or, Pectoral Rolls

College : Take of white Sugar one pound, white Sugar Candy, Penids, of each four ounces, Orris Florentine one ounce, Liquorice six drams, white Starch one ounce and an half, with a sufficient quantity of mussilage of Gum Tragacanth made in Rose Water, make them into small troches. You may add four grains of Ambergris, and three grains of Musk to them, if occasion serve.

Trochisci Bechici nigri

College : Take of juice of Liquorice, white Sugar, of each one dram, Gum Tragacanth, sweet Almonds blanched, of each six drams, with a sufficient quantity of mussilage of Quince seeds, made thick with Rose Water. Make them into troches according to art.

Culpeper : Both this and the former will melt in ones mouth, and in that manner to be used by such as are troubled with coughs, cold, hoarseness, or want of voice. The former is most in use, but in my opinion, the latter is most effectual.

Trochisci de Barberis
Or, Troches of Barberries

College : Take of juice of Barberries, and Liquorice made thick, Spodium, Purslain seeds, of each three drams, red Roses, six drams, Indian Spikenard, Saffron, white Starch, Gum Tragacanth, of each a dram, Citrul seeds cleansed three drams and an half, Camphire half a dram; with Manna dissolved in juice of Barberries, make them into troches according to art.

Culpeper : They wonderfully cool the heat of the liver, reins, and bladder, breast, and stomach, and stop looseness, cools the heat of fevers.

Trochisci de Camphora
Or, Troches of Camphire

College : Take of Camphire half a dram, Saffron two drams, white Starch three drams, red Roses, Gum Arabic, and Tragacanth, Ivory, of each half an ounce, the seeds of Cucumbers husked, of Purslain, Liquorice, of each an ounce, with mussilage of the seeds of Fleawort, drawn in Rose-water, make them into troches.

Culpeper : It is exceeding good in burning fevers, heat of blood and choler, together with hot distempers of the stomach and liver, and extreme thirst coming thereby, also it is good against the yellow jaundice phthisics, and hectic fevers.

Trochisci de Capparibus
Or, Troches of Capers

College : Take of the bark of Caper roots, the seeds of Agnus Castus, of each six drams, Ammoniacum half an ounce, the seeds of Water Cresses and Nigella, the leaves of Calaminth and Rue, the roots of Acorus and long Birthwort, the juice of Maudlin made thick, bitter Almonds, of each two drams, Hart's- tongue, the roots of round Cypress, Madder, Gum Lac. of each one dram: being bruised let them be made into troches according to art, with Ammoniacum dissolved in Vinegar, and boiled to the thickness of Honey.

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