Trochisci de Absinthio
Or Troches of Wormwood

College : Take of red Roses, Wormwood leaves, Annis seeds, of each two drams, juice of Maudlin made thick, the roots of Asarabacca, Rhubarb, Spikenard, Smallage seeds, bitter Almonds, Mastich, Mace, of each one dram, juice of Succory so much as is sufficient to make it into troches according to art.

Culpeper : They strengthen the stomach exceedingly, open obstructions, or stoppings of the belly and bowels: strengthen digestion, open the passages of the liver, help the yellow jaundice, and consume watery superfluities of the body. They are somewhat bitter, and seldom taken alone; if your pallate affect bitter things, you may take a dram of them in the morning. They cleanse the body of choler, but purge not, or not to any purpose.

Agaricus Trochiscatus
Or Agarick Trochiscated

College : Take of Agarick sifted and powdered, three ounces, steep it in a sufficient quantity of white Wine, in which two drams of ginger have been infused, and make it into troches.

Trochisci Albi. Rhasis
Or white Troches

College : Take of Ceruss washed in Rosewater ten drams, Sarcocol three drams, white Starch two drams, Gum Arabic and Tragacanth, of each one dram, Camphire half a dram, either with Rosewater, or women's milk, or make it into troches according to art.

Trochisci Alexiterii

College : Take of Zedoary roots, powder of Crab's Claws, of each one dram, and an half, the outward Citron preserved and dried, Angelica seeds, Pills, of each one dram, Bole-amoniac half a dram, with their treble weight in sugar make them into powder, and with a sufficient quantity of Mussilage of Gum Tragacanth, made into treacle water distilled, make it into paste, of which make troches.

Culpeper : This preserves the body from ill airs, and epidemical diseases, as the pestilence, small pox, & c. and strengthens the heart exceedingly, eating now and then a little: you may safely keep any troches in your pocket, for the drier you keep them, the better they are.

Trochisci Alhandal

College : Take of Coloquintida freed from the seeds and cut small, and rubbed with an ounce of oil of Roses, then beaten into fine powder, ten ounces, Gum Arabic, Tragacanth, Bdellium, of each six drams. Steep the Gums three or four days in a sufficient quantity of Rose-water till they be melted, then with the aforesaid pulp, and part of the said mussilage, let them be dried in the shadow, then beaten again, and with the rest of the mussilage, make it up again, dry them and keep them for use.

Culpeper : They are too violent for a vulgar use.

Trochisci Aliptæ Moschatæ

College : Take of Labdanum bruised three ounces, Styrax Calamitis one ounce and an half, Benjamin one ounce, Wood of Aloes two drams, Ambergris one dram, Camphire half a dram, Musk half a scruple, with a sufficient quantity of Rose-water, make it into troches according to art.

Culpeper : It is singularly good for such as are asthmatic, and can hardly fetch their breath; as also for young children, whose throat is so narrow that they can hardly swallow down their milk.

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