Culpeper : Pills in Greek are called, Katopotia, in Latin, Pilulæ: which signifies little balls, because they are made up in such a form, that they may be the better swallowed down, by reason of the offensiveness of their taste.

Pilulæ de Agarico
Or Pills of Agarick

College : Take of Agarick three drams, our own blue Orris roots, Mastich, Horehound, of each one dram, Turbith five drams, Species Hiera Picra half an ounce, Colocynthis, Sarcocol, of each two drams, Myrrh one dram, Sapa as much as is sufficient to make it into a mass according to art.

Culpeper : It was invented to cleanse the breast and lungs of flegm, it works pretty strongly. Half a dram at a time (keeping yourself warm,) cannot well do you harm, unless your body be very weak.

Pilulæ Aggregativæ

College : Take of Citron, Myrobalans, Rhubarb, of each half an ounce, juice of Agrimony and Wormwood made thick, of each two drams, Diagridium five drams, Agarick, Colocynthis, Polypodium of each two drams, Turbith, Aloes, of each six drams, Mastich, red Roses, Sal. Gem. Epithymum, Annis, Ginger, of each a dram, with Syrup of Damask Roses, make it into a mass according to art.

Culpeper : It purges the head of choler, flegm and melancholy, and that stoutly: it is good against quotidian agues, and faults in the stomach and liver, yet because it is well corrected if you take but half a dram at a time, and keep yourself warm, I suppose you may take it without danger.

Pilulæ Alæphanginæ

College : Take of Cinnamon, Cloves, Cardamoms the less, Nutmegs, Mace, Calamus Aromaticus, Carpobalsamum, or Juniper berries, Squinanth, Wood of Aloes, yellow Sanders, red Roses dried, Wormwood, of each half an ounce, let the tincture be taken out of these, being grossly bruised in spirit of Wine, the vessel being close stopped; in three pounds of this tincture, being strained, dissolve Aloes one pound, which being dissolved, add Mastich, Myrrh, of each half an ounce, Saffron two drams, Balsam of Peru one dram, the superfluous liquor being consumed, either over hot ashes, or a bath, bring it into a mass of pills.

Culpeper : It cleanses both stomach and brain of gross and putrified humours, and sets the senses free when they are thereby troubled, it cleanses the brain offended by ill humours, wind, &c. helps vertigo and head-aches, and strengthens the brain exceedingly, helps concoction, and strengthens the stomach, one dram taken at night going to bed, will work gently next day: if the party be weak, you may give less, if strong more. If you take but half a dram, you may go abroad the next day: but if you take a dram, you may keep the house; there can be no harm in that.

Pilulæ de Aloe Lota
Or Pills of washed Aloes

College : Take of Aloes washed with juice of red Roses, one ounce, Agarick three drams, Mastich two drams, Diamoscu Dulce half a dram, Syrup of Damask-roses, so much as is sufficient to make it into a mass according to art.

Culpeper : It purges both brain, stomach, bowels, and eyes of putrified humours, and also strengthens them. Use these as the succeeding.

Aloe Rosata

College : Take of Aloes in powder four ounces, juice of Damask Roses clarified one pound, mix them and digest them in the sun, or in a bath, till the superfluous liquor be drawn off, digest it, and evaporate it four times over, and keep the mass.

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