six ounces of Cassia newly drawn, sugar of Violets, Syrup of Violets, of each four ounces, Pulp of Tamarinds an ounce, Sugar Candy an ounce and an half, Manna two ounces, mix them, and make them into an electuary according to art.

Culpeper : It is a fine cool purge for such as are bound in the body, for it works gently, and without trouble, it purges choler, and may safely be given in fevers coming of choler: but in such cases, if the body be much bound, the best way is first to administer a clyster, and then the next morning an ounce of this will cool the body, and keep it in due temper.

Cassia extracta sine soliis Senæ
Or Cassia extracted without the leaves of Sena

College : Take twelve Prunes, Violet flowers a handful, French Barley, the seed of Annis, and bastard Saffron, Polypodium of the Oak, of each five drams, Maiden-hair, Thyme, Epithimum, of each half a handful, Raisins of the Sun stoned half an ounce, sweet Fennel seeds two drams, the seeds of Purslain, and Mallows, of each three drams, Liquorice half an ounce, boil them in a sufficient quantity of water, strain them and dissolve in the decoction, pulp of Cassia two pounds, of Tamarinds an ounce, Cinnamon three drams, Sugar a pound, boil it into the form of an electuary.

Cassia extracta cum soliis Senæ
Or Cassia extracted with the leaves of Sena

College : Take of the former receipt two pounds, Sena in powder two ounces, mix them according to art.

Culpeper : This is also a fine cool gentle purge, cleansing the bowels of choler and melancholy without any griping, very fit for feverish bodies, and yet the former is gentler than this. They both cleanse and cool the reins; a reasonable body may take an ounce and an half of the former, and an ounce of the latter in white Wine, if they keep the house, or their bodies be oppressed with melancholy, let them take half the quantity in four ounces of decoction of Epithimum.


College : Take of Diatragacanthum frigidum, half an ounce, pulp of preserved Quinces an ounce, the inside of the seeds of Bastard Saffron half an ounce, Ginger two drams, Diacrydium beaten by itself three drams, Turbith, six drams, Manna two ounces, Honey of Roses solutive, Sugar Candy, of each an ounce, Hermodactils half an ounce, Sugar ten ounces and an half, make of them a liquid electuary according to art.


College : Take of the pulp of Dates boiled in Hydromel, Penids, of each half a pound, sweet Almonds blanched, three ounces and an half, to all of them being bruised and mixed, add clarified Honey two pounds, boil them a little, and then strew in Ginger, long Pepper, Mace, Cinnamon, Rue leaves, the seeds of Fennel and Carrots, of each two drams, Turbith four ounces, Diacridium an ounce and an half, make of them an electuary according to art.

Culpeper : I cannot believe this is so profitable in fevers taken downwards as authors say, for it is a very violent purge.

Diaprunum Lenitive

College : Take one hundred Damask Prunes, boil them in water till they be soft, then pulp them, and in the liquor they were boiled in, boil gently one of Violet flowers, strain it, and with two pounds of sugar boil it to a Syrup, then add half a pound of the aforesaid pulp, the pulp of Cassia, and Tamarinds, of each one ounce, then mix with it these powders following: Sanders white and red, Spodium, Rhubarb, of each three drams, red Roses, Violets, the seeds of Purslain, Succory, Barberries, Gum Tragacanth,

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