Antidotus Analeptica

College : Take of red Roses, Liquorice of each two drams and five grains, Gum Arabic and Tragacanth, of each two drams and two scruples, Sanders white and red, each four scruples, juice of Liquorice, white Starch, the seeds of white Poppies, Purslain, Lettuce, and Endive, of each three drams, the four greater cold seeds husked, of Quinces, Mallows, Cotton, Violets, Pine-nuts, fistic Nuts, sweet Almonds, pulp of Sebestens, of each two drams, Cloves, Spodium, Cinnamon, of each one dram, Saffron five grains, Penids half an ounce, being beaten, make them all into a soft electuary with three times their weight in Syrup of Violets.

Culpeper : It restores consumptions, and hectic fevers, lost strength, it nourishes much, and restores radical moisture, opens the pores, resists choler, takes away coughs, quenches thirst, and resists fevers. You may take an ounce in a day, by a dram at a time, if you please.

Confectio Alkermes

College : Take of the juice of Apples, Damask Rose-water, of each a pound and an half, in which infuse for twenty-four hours, raw Silk four ounces, strain it strongly, and add Syrup of the berries of Cherms brought over to us, two pounds, Sugar one pound, boil it to the thickness of Honey; then removing it from the fire whilst it is warm, add Ambergris cut small, half an ounce, which being well mingled, put in these things following in powder, Cinnamon, Wood of Aloes, of each six drams, Pearls prepared, two drams, Leaf-Gold a dram, Musk a scruple, make it up according to art.

Culpeper : Questionless this is a great cordial, and a mighty strengthener of the heart, and vital spirits, a restorer of such as are in consumptions, a resister of pestilences and poison, a relief to languishing nature, it is given with good success in fevers, but give not too much of it at a time, lest it prove too hot for the body, and too heavy for the purse. You may mix ten grains of it with other convenient cordials to children, twenty or thirty to men.

Electuarium e Sassaphras

College : Take of Sassafras two ounces, common Water three pounds, boil it to the consumption of the third part, adding, towards the end, Cinnamon bruised half an ounce, strain it, and with two pounds of white sugar, boil it to the thickness of a Syrup, putting in, in powder, Cinnamon, a dram, Nutmegs, half a scruple, Musk three grains, Ambergris, two and thirty grains, ten leaves of Gold, Spirit of Vitriol four drops, and so make it into an electuary according to art.

Culpeper : It opens obstruction of the liver and spleen, helps cold rheums or defluxions from the head to the lungs, or teeth, or eyes, it is excellent in coughs, and other cold afflictions of the lungs and breast, it helps digestion, expels wind and the gravel of the kidneys, it provokes the menses, warms and dries up the moisture of the womb, which is many times the cause of barrenness, and is generally a helper of all diseases coming of cold, raw thin humours, you may take half a dram at a time in the morning.

Electuarium de Baccis Lauri
Or Electuary of Bay-berries

College : Take of the leaves of dried Rue ten drams, the seeds of Ammi, Cummin, Lovage, Origanum, Nigella, Caraway, Carrots, Parsley, bitter Almonds, Pepper black and long, wild Mints, Calamus Aromaticus, Bay-berries, Castorium of each two drams, Sagapenum half an ounce, Opopanax three drams, clarified Honey a pound and an half, the things to be beaten; being beaten, and the Gums dissolved in Wine, make it into an electuary according to art.

Culpeper : It is exceeding good either in the cholic or Iliac passion, or any other disease of the bowels coming of cold or wind, it generally eases pains in the bowels. You may give a dram in the morning fasting, or half an ounce in a clyster, according as the disease is.

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