Diacalamintha compound

College : Take of Diacalamintha simple, half an ounce, the leaves of Horehound, Marjoram, Bawm, Mugwort, Savin dried, of each a dram, Cypress roots, the seeds of Maddir and Rue, Mace, Cinnamon, of each two scruples, beat them and mix them diligently into a powder according to art.

Culpeper : This seems to be more appropriated to the feminine gender than the former, viz. to bring down the terms, to bring away the birth, and after-birth, to purge them after labour, yet it is dangerous for pregnant women.


College : Take of Annis seeds two ounces and an half, Liquorice, Mastich, of each an ounce, the seeds of Caraway, Fennel, Galanga, Mace, Ginger, Cinnamon, of each five drams, the three sorts of Pepper, Cassia Lignea, mountain Calaminth, Pellitory of Spain, of each two drams, Cardamoms the greater, Cloves, Cubebs, Indian Spikenard, Saffron, of each a dram and an half, make them into powder.

Culpeper : It is chiefly appropriated to the stomach, and helps the cold infirmities thereof, raw, flegm, wind, continual coughs, and other such diseases coming of cold. You may safely take a dram of the electuary at a time. You may make an electuary of it with its treble weight of clarified Honey.

Pulvis Radicum Ari compositus
Or Powder of Aron Roots compound

College : Take of Aron Roots two ounces, of common Water Flag, and Burnet, of each one ounce, Crab's eyes, half an ounce, Cinnamon three drams, salt of Wormwood, and Juniper, of each one dram, make them into powder.

Culpeper : And when you have done tell me what it is good for.

Diaireos simple

College : Take of Orris roots half an ounce, Sugar-candy, Diatragacanthum frigidum, of each two drams, make them into powder.

Culpeper : I do not mean the Diatragacanthum frigidum, for that is in powder before. It comforts the breast, is good in colds, coughs, and hoarseness. You may mix it with any pectoral Syrups which are appropriated to the same diseases, and so take it with a Liquorice stick.


College : Take of Gum-lacca, prepared Rhubarb, Schænanth, of each three drams, Indian Spikenard, Mastich, the juice of Wormwood and Agrimony, made thick, the seeds of Smallage, Annis, Fennel, Ammi, Savin, bitter Almonds, Myrrh, Costus, or Zedoary, the roots of Maddir, Asarabacca, Birthwort long and round, Gentian, Saffron, Cinnamon, dried Hyssop, Cassia Lignea, Bdellium, of each a dram and an half, black Pepper, Ginger, of each a dram, make them into powder according to art.

Culpeper : It strengthens the stomach and liver, opens obstructions, helps dropsies, yellow jaundice, provokes urine, breaks the stone in the reins and bladder. Half a dram is a moderate dose, if the patient be strong they may take a dram in white Wine. Let pregnant woman forbear it.

Pulvis Cardiacus Magistralis

College : Take of East Bezoar, bone of a Stag's-heart, of each a dram and an half, Magisterium, of white and red Coral, white Amber, Magisterium of Pearl, Hart's-horn, Ivory, Bole-amoniac, Earth of Germany, Samos and Lemnos, Elk's-claw, Tormentil roots, of each a dram, Wood of Aloes, Citron peels, the roots

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