of each two scruples, white Sugar one pound, mix them together, that so you may make a Lohoch of them.

Culpeper : The medicine is so binding that it is better let alone than taken, unless in inward bruises when men spit blood, then you may safely take a little of it.

Lohoch e Pulmone Vulpis
Or Lohoch of Fox Lungs

College : Take of Fox Lungs rightly prepared, juice of Liquorice, Maiden-hair, Annis-seeds, sweet Fennel seeds, of each equal parts, Sugar dissolved in Colt's-foot, and Scabious Water, and boiled into a Syrup, three times their weight; the rest being in fine powder, let them be put to it and strongly stirred together, that it may be made into a Lohoch according to art.

Culpeper : It cleanses and unites ulcers in the lungs and breast, and is a present remedy in phthisicks.

Lohoch sanum et Expertum
Or a sound and well experienced Lohoch

College : Take of dried Hyssop and Calaminth, of each half an ounce, Jujubes, Sebestens, the stones being taken out, fifteen Raisins of the Sun stoned, fat Figs, Dates, of each two ounces, Linseed, Fenugreek seed, of each five drams, Maiden-hair one handful, Annis-seeds, sweet Fennel seeds, Orris Roots cut, Liquorice, Cinnamon, of each an ounce, boil them according to art in four pounds of clear water till half be consumed, and with two pounds of Penids boil it into a Syrup, afterwards cut and bruise very small Pine-nuts five drams, sweet Almonds blanched, Liquorice, Gum Tragacanth and Arabick, white Starch of each three drams, let these be put into the Syrup when it is off the fire, and stir it about swiftly with a wooden pestle till it look white.

Culpeper : It succors the breast, lungs, throat, oppressed by cold, it restores the voice lost by reason of cold, and attenuates thick and gross humours in the breast and throat.

Lohoch Scilliticum
Or Lohoch of Squils

College : Take three drams of a Squil baked in paste, Orris Roots two drams, Hyssop, Hore-hound, of each one dram, Saffron, Myrrh, of each half a dram, Honey two ounces and an half, bruise the Squil, after it is baked, in a stone mortar, and after it hath boiled a walm or two with the Honey, put in the rest of the things in powder, diligently stirring it, and make it into a Lohoch according to art.

Eclegma of Squils. Mesue

College : Take of the juice of Squils and Honey, both of them clarified, of each two pounds, boil them together according to art to the consistence of Honey.

Culpeper : For the virtues of it see Vinegar of Squils, and Oximel of Squils, only this is more mild, and not so harsh to the throat, because it hath no Vinegar in it, and therefore is far more fitting for Asthmaes, and such as are troubled with difficulty of breathing, it cuts and carries away humours from the breast, be they thick or thin, and wonderfully helps indigestion of victuals, and eases pains in the breast, and for this, I quote the authority of Galen.

Lohoch of Coleworts. Gordonius

College : Take one pound of the juice of Coleworts, clarified Saffron three drams, clarified Honey, and Sugar, of each half a pound, make of them a Lohoch according to art.

Culpeper : It helps hoarseness, and loss of voice, eases surfeits and head-ache coming of drunkenness, and opens obstructions of the liver and spleen, and therefore is good for that disease in children called the rickets.

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