Lohoch, or Eclegmata

Culpeper : Because this word also is understood but by few, we will first explain what it is. 1. The word Lohoch is an Arabick word, called in Greek Eclegma, in Latin Linctus, and signifies a thing to be licked up. 2. It is in respect of body, something thicker than a Syrup, and not so thick as an electuary. 3. Its use was against the roughness of the windpipe, diseases, and inflammations of the lungs, difficulty of breathing, colds, coughs, &c. 4. Its manner of reception is with a Liquorice stick, bruised at the end, to take up some and retain it in the mouth, till it melt of its own accord.

Lohoch de Farfara
Or Lohoch of Coltsfoot

College : Take of Colts-foot roots cleansed eight ounces, Marshmallow roots four ounces cleansed, boil them in a sufficient quantity of water, and press the pulp out through a sieve, dissolve this again in the Decoction, and let it boil once or twice, then take it from the fire, and add two pounds of white sugar, Honey of Raisins fourteen ounces, juice of Liquorice two drams and an half, stir them stoutly with a wooden pestle, mean season sprinkle in Saffron and Cloves, of each a scruple, Cinnamon and Mace, of each two scruples, make them into a Lohoch according to art.

Culpeper : It was invented for the cough.

Lohoch de Papavere
Or Lohoch of Poppies

College : Take white Poppy seeds twenty four drams, sweet Almonds blanched in Rose Water, Pine- nuts cleansed, Gum Arabick and Tragacanth, of each ten drams, juice of Liquorice an ounce, Starch three drams, the seeds of Lettuce, Purslain, Quinces, of each half an ounce, Saffron a dram, Penids four ounces, Syrup of Meconium three pounds, make it into a Lohoch according to art.

Culpeper : It helps salt, sharp and thin distillations upon the lungs, it allays the fury of such sharp humours, which occasion both roughness of the throat, want of sleep, and fevers; it is excellent for such as are troubled with pleurises to take now and then a little of it.

Lohoch e Passulis
Or Lohoch of Raisins

College : Take of male Peony roots, Liquorice, of each half an ounce, Hyssop, Bawm, Hart's-tongue, or Cetrach, of each half a handful, boil them in Spring Water, and press them strongly, and by adding a pound of Raisins bruised, boil it again, pressing it through a linen cloth, then with a pound of white sugar, make it into a Lohoch according to art.

Culpeper : It is very good against coughs, consumptions of the lungs, and other vices of the breast, and is usually given to children for such diseases, as also for convulsions, and falling-sickness.

Lohoch e Pino
Or Lohoch of Pinenuts

College : Take of Pine-nuts, fifteen drams, sweet Almonds, Hazel Nuts gently roasted, Gum Arabick and Tragacanth, powder and juice of Liquorice, white Starch, Maiden-hair, Orris roots, of each two drams, the pulp of Dates seventeen drams, bitter Almonds one dram and an half, Honey of Raisins, white Sugar- candy, fresh Butter, of each two ounces, Honey one pound and an half, dissolve the Gums in so much Decoction of Maiden-hair as is sufficient; let the rest be mixed over a gentle fire, and stirred, that so it may be made into a Lohoch.

Culpeper : The medicine is excellent for continual coughs, and difficulty of breathing, it succours such as are asthmatic, for it cuts and atenuates tough humours in the breast.

Lohoch de Portulaca
Or Lohoch of Purslain

College : Take of the strained Juice of Purslain two pounds, Troches of Terra Lemnia two drams, Troches of Amber, Gum Arabic, Dragon's-blood of each one dram, Lapis Hematilis, the wool of a Hare toasted,

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