Rob Baccarum Sambuci
Or Rob of Elder Berries

College : Take of the juice of Elder Berries, and make it thick with the help of a gentle fire, either by itself, or a quarter of its weight in sugar being added.

Culpeper : Both Rob of Elder Berries, and Dwarf-Elder, are excellent for such whose bodies are inclining to dropsies, neither let them neglect nor despise it. They may take the quantity of a nutmeg each morning, it will gently purge the watery humour.

College : In the same manner is made Rob of Dwarf-Elder, Junipers, and Paul's Betony, only in the last, the sugar and juice must be equal in weight.

Succus Glycyrrhizæ simplex
Or Juice of Liquorice simple

College : Infuse Liquorice Roots cleansed and gently bruised, three days in Spring Water, so much that it may over-top the roots the breadth of three fingers, then boil it a little, and press it hard out, and boil the liquor with a gentle fire to its due thickness.

Culpeper : It is vulgarly known to be good against coughs, colds, &c. and a strengthener of the lungs.

Succus Glycyrrhizæ compositus
Or Juice of Liquorice compound

College : Take of the water of tender Oak leaves, of Scabious, of each four pounds, English Liquorice scraped and bruised two pounds, boil them by degrees till they be soft, then press out the liquor strongly in a press, to which add three pounds of juice of Hyssop, and dry it away in the sun in a broad earthen vessel.

Culpeper : The virtues are the same with the former.

Succus Pronorum Sylvestrum
Or Juice of Sloes, called Acacia

College : Take of Sloes hardly ripe, press out the juice, and make it thick in a bath.

Culpeper : It stops fluxes, and procures appetite.

College : So are the Juices of Wormwood, Maudlin, and Fumitory made thick, to wit, the herbs bruised while they be tender, and the juice pressed out and after it be clarified, boil over the fire to its just thickness.

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