Mel Rosatum solutivum
Or Honey of Roses solutive

College : Take of the often infusion of Damask Roses five pounds, Honey rightly clarified four pounds, boil it to the thickness of Honey.

Culpeper : It is used as a laxative in clysters, and some use it to cleanse wounds.

College : After the same manner is prepared Honey of the infusion of red Roses.

Mel scilliticum
Or Honey of Squils

College : Take one Squil full of juice, cut in bits, and put it in a glass vessel, the mouth close stopped, and covered with a skin, set in the sun forty days, to wit, twenty before and after the rising of the dog star, then open the vessel, and take the juice which lies at the bottom, and preserve it with the best Honey.

College : Honey of Violets is prepared like as Honey of Roses.

Oxymel, simple

College : Take of the best Honey four pounds, clear Water and white Wine Vinegar, of each two pounds, boil them in an earthen vessel, taking the scum off with a wooden scummer, till it be come to the consistence of a Syrup.

Culpeper : It cuts flegm, and it is a good preparative against a vomit.

Oxymel compound

College : Take of the Bark of the Root of Fennel, Smallage, Parsley, Bruscus, Asparagus, of each two ounces, the seeds of Fennel, Smallage, Parsley, Annis, of each one ounce, steep them all (the roots being first cleansed and the seeds bruised) in six pounds of clear Water and a pound and a half of Wine Vinegar, the next day boil it to the consumption of the third part, boil the rest being strained, with three pounds of Honey into a liquid Syrup according to art.

Culpeper : First having bruised the roots and seeds, boil them in the water till half be consumed, then strain it and add the Honey, and when it is almost boiled enough, add the Vinegar.

Oxymel Helleboratum
Or Oxymel Helleborated

College : Take of Rue, Thyme, Dittany of Crete, Hyssop, Pennyroyal, Horehound, Carduus, the roots of Celtick, Spikenard without leaves, the inner bark of Elders, of each a handful, Mountain Calaminth two pugils, the seeds of Annis, Fennel, Bazil, Roman Nettles, Dill, of each two drams, the roots of Angelica, Marsh-mallows, Aron, Squills prepared, Birthwort, long, round, and climbing, Turbith, English Orris, Costus, Polypodium, Lemon pills, of each an ounce, the strings of black Hellebore, Spurge, Agerick, added at the end of the Decoction, of each two drams, the bark of white Hellebore half an ounce, let all of them being dried and bruised, be digested in a glass, or glazed vessel close stopped, in the heat of the sun, or of a furnace, Posca, made of equal parts of Water and Vinegar, eight pounds, Sapa two ounces, three days being expired, boil it little more than half away, strain it, pressing it gently, and add to the liquor a pound and a half of Honey Roses, wherein two ounces of Citron pills have been infused, boil it to the thickness of Honey, and perfume it with Cloves, Saffron, Ginger, Galanga, Mace, of each a dram.

Oxymel Julianizans

College : Take of the Bark of Caper roots, the roots of Orris, Fennel, Parsley, Bruscus, Chicory, Sparagus, Cypress, of each half an ounce, the leaves of Harts-tongue, Schænanth, Tamarisk, of each half a handful, sweet Fennel seed half an ounce, infuse them in three pounds of Posca, which is something sour, afterwards

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