Syrups Made With Vinegar And Honey

Mel Anthosatum
Or Honey of Rosemary Flowers

College : Take of fresh Rosemary flowers a pound, clarified Honey three pounds, mix them in a glass with a narrow mouth, set them in the sun, keep them for use.

Culpeper : It hath the same virtues with Rosemary flowers, to which I refer you, only by reason of the Honey it may be somewhat cleansing.

Mel Helleboratum
Or Honey Helleborated

College : Take of white Hellebore roots bruised a pound, clear Water fourteen pounds, after three days infusions, boil it till half be consumed, then strain it diligently, and with three pounds of Honey, boil it to the thickness of Honey.

Mel Mercuriale
Or Honey of Mercury

College : Boil three pounds of the juice of Mercury, with two pounds of Honey to the thickness of Honey.

Culpeper : It is used as an emollient in clysters.

Mel Mororum, vel Diamoron
Or Honey of Mulberries

College : Take of the juice of Mulberries and Blackberries, before they be ripe, gathered before the sun be up, of each a pound and a half, Honey two pounds, boil them to their due thickness.

Culpeper : It is vulgarly known to be good for sore mouths, as also to cool inflammations there.

Mel Nuceum, alias Diacarion et Dianucum
Or Honey of Nuts

College : Take of the juice of the outward bark of green Walnuts, gathered in the dog days two pounds, boil it gently till it be thick, and with one pound of Honey, boil it to the thickness of Honey.

Culpeper : It is a good preservative in pestilential times, a spoonful being taken as soon as you are up.

Mel Passalatum
Or Honey of Raisins

College : Take of Raisins of the sun cleansed from the stones two pounds, steep them in six pounds of warm water, the next day boil it half away, and press it strongly, and with two pounds of Honey, let the expressed liquor boil to its thickness.

Culpeper : It is a pretty pleasing medicine for such as are in consumptions, and are bound in body.

Mel Rosatum commune, sive Foliatum
Or common Honey of Roses

College : Take of red Roses not quite open two pounds, Honey six pounds, set them in the sun according to art.

Mel Rosatum Colatum
Or Honey of Roses strained

College : Take of the best clarified Honey ten pounds, juice of fresh red Roses one pound, set it handsomely over the fire, and when it begins to boil, put in four pounds of fresh red Roses, the whites being cut off; the juice being consumed by boiling and stirring, strain it and keep it for use.

Culpeper : They are both used for diseases in the mouth.

  By PanEris using Melati.

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